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Negative Review for V for Vendetta

Published February 15, 2006 in Early Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Warner Bros
V for Vendetta V for Vendetta Poster
Though we had decided to take a break on the early reviews for V for Vendetta the latest one is different from the rest. So far the early reviews have convinced us that the Wachowski brothers have created a near-flawless adaptation of the book that will have moviegoers talking.

However, it looks like not all moviegoers will feel this way and some could even leave the film thinking they have seen something already done before.

V for Vendetta Review

The good people over at IESB have recently posted their review for V for Vendetta and, unlike the previous reviews, the review is negative.

While first reading the review it seemed like it was going to be a mixed account but that quickly passed when the author decides to go right at Vendetta's throat.

The new film V for Vendetta is a seriously flawed, but entertaining, take on Alan Moore's comic series of the same title.

The plot itself is interesting and well told. It gives the film a purpose and shows a certain amount of political awareness. It suggests that society's problems aren't caused by terrorists, but by our fear of terrorists and what the government does with that fear. Though this idea is the basis for the plot, the film uses it more as an excuse for action sequences then as a complex thematic element worthy of exploration. This helps link the plot-points thematically and prevents the movie from seeming completely pointless, but doesn't provide any material for discussion after the movie is over.

Film techniques are a lot like crack – use a little and get high, use too much and lose that high. If the filmmakers learned this, they might, one day, create a truly great film. Instead, audiences are treated to yet another mediocrity. V for Vendetta is the kind of film you watch once, but never think about again.

We have finally had our first negative review for V for Vendetta. Though some may see this review as the beginning of things to come, I am actually a bit relieved that a review such as this has finally come out. Over-hyped films and films with uber-high expectations always turn out to be huge disappointments. Lower the standards a bit with a couple negative reviews and V for Vendetta can actually look better when it hits theatres.

To read the entire reviews of V for Vendetta, head over to IESB.

V for Vendetta will be released to theatres on March 17th, 2006.

For movie stills, movie trailers, movie posters, and additional movie info, go to the V for Vendetta Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Warner Bros

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