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Spielberg Shoots Abe Lincoln

Published January 12, 2005 in MOVIE NEWS
By Ryan Parsons | Initial update posted over at Variety
Lincoln during the rough beard growth stage.
Steven Spielberg has already got another film project lined up for when he is done promoting War of the Worlds this Summer. So, what is next for Spielberg? Sci-fi, more aliens, another futuristic piece, what? Well, it seems that Spielberg may have found the 'zone' as he stretches his legs and attempts to make a film on none other than old Abe Lincoln.

Spielberg Adapts The Uniter: The Genius of Abraham Lincoln

Yes, Spielberg plans to create an on-screen adaptation of The Uniter, a biography about the sixteenth president of the United States, Abe Lincoln. What is truly exciting is that Spielberg is working to pick up Liam Neeson to star in this film. Now, if we all remember, the last time these two got together we were given the masterpiece known as Schindler's List. A film that won seven Academy Awards including Best Picture. Should we expect anything less this time around? Well, judging by the projects and the track record behind Spielberg, I don't know how he could lose. However, War of the Worlds could be a good indication.

Dreamworks plans to start production of The Uniter adaptation during next January with a hopeful release date in 2006.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Initial update posted over at Variety

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