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Alba Finds Good Luck

Published June 15, 2006 in Casting Update
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Jessica Alba Jessica Alba
If there is one real guarantee in Hollywood it is that Jessica Alba is smoking hot and that she can turn most films into a winner just by wearing a bathing suit.

Come on, we all know that we went to see Into the Blue strictly for one reason. Ok, if you add up all of Alba's exposed body parts and ass shots in the film you can probably think up a few more reasons. Even if you aren't admitting it, somewhere in the back of your mind Jessica Alba served as at least a bonus.

What? Still not admitting it? Fine, but where was I?

Alba, Cook for Good Luck Chuck

According to Variety, Jessica Alba has been picked up by Lionsgate to star in the comedy Good Luck Chuck. Though we wouldn't normally picture Alba taking the lead role in a laffer, she will have tons of help from co-star Dane Cook.

Cook plays a serial dater who gets a rep that any woman dating him will rebound into meeting her soulmate. When the man meets his true love, he must find a way to end the streak and keep her. Alba will play that woman.

Can't really blame the guy, as Alba could turn any swinger on to relationship mode.

Good Luck Chuck will be directed by Mark Helfrich.

Josh Stolberg wrote the script, and Mike Karz is producing. Shooting begins next month.

Alba is expected to be pretty busy with big-budget sequels for both Sin City and Fantastic Four.

Dane Cook can be seen on HBO's Tourgasm starring the comedian and a group of smaller comics as they hit the road to try out new material. Though I thought the show would be laugh out loud hilarious, I was shocked to see it had all the idiotic drama of every other reality show out. Come on, be funny!

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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