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Dead or Alive Preview

Published June 27, 2006 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Images property of The Weinstein Company.
DOA: Dead or Alive DOA: Dead or Alive

Jeremy Bolt, the other half of genre filmmaker Paul W.S. Anderson, has produced another video game movie coming out this summer. DOA, based on the fighting game series Dead or Alive hits theaters this August.

Dead or Alive with Jeremy Bolt

“It’s a lot of fun,” said Bolt. “What’s great about DOA is fantastic fight scene opportunities but also this sexiness with the volleyball, with the island. It’s very PG-13 in the sense that it’s obviously not a horror film. Some phenomenal fight sequences. We worked with Corey Yuen who did the Transporter movies and we went to China. I was in China for 8 months last year making it with all the stunt people and so it’s fantastic fight sequences. But also it is sexy.”

The film did not neglect the Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball game spinoff either. “There’s a three minute volleyball sequences that any 13-year-old boy… it’s going to traumatize a whole generation.”

My Name is Earl’s Jaime Pressly stars as Tina Armstrong, whose newfound TV success has become an asset to the film. “I’m ecstatic as is Dimension. She’s now a household name which is fantastic for us. She’s also a brilliant martial artist, great volleyball player, she’s phenomenally fit and looks damn fine in a bikini.”

And if you like it, they’re already thinking ahead. “We’re already thinking about the sequel for that.”

Dead or Alive comes to theatres on August 25th.

For the teaser trailer, pictures and movie info, go to the DOA: Dead or Alive Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Images property of The Weinstein Company.

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