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Showerman Talks He-Man

Published July 6, 2006 in Movie Scoops
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Christopher Showerman Christopher Showerman
During the beginning of July we posted a scoop that claimed both Spy Hunter and He-Man had been placed on hold and John Woo was off to other projects (read here). One of the names suggested in the scoop for the role of He-Man was Chris Showerman.

MovieHole has recently caught up with the actor to discuss this rumor.

Christopher Showerman on Possible He-Man Role

The good people over at MovieHole have caught up with Christopher Showerman to get the latest developments on the He-Man project under John Woo. Unfortunately for us, Chris claims the film has been 'quiet'.

As reported the other day, there are four contenders for the role of "He-Man" at the moment - in a live-action version of the cartoon, being produced by John Woo - they are Paul Walker, Triple-H, Christopher Showerman and Matt Davis. Though the film has apparently been put on hold for the moment (while Woo works on other projects), we thought we'd look into these rumours.

Moviehole's Gossip Monkey had the chance to talk to one of the rumoured contenders, Christopher Showerman (best known as 'George of the Jungle' in the sequel) about the rumours that he may be one of the guys up for the role of the blonde-haired defender of Greyskull.

Showerman: “can’t really say anything – not because I don’t want to, but because there’s nothing much to tell. It’s been all quiet on the western front for a while with that one. But would I pass up the opportunity to play He-Man? Would I pass up an opportunity to work in a film John Woo is producing? – and by the way, he is only producing, No. Adam Rifkin’s on board as the writer, and it sounds like a good project to be involved in. We’ll see what happens”.

Showerman, you may remember, was also one of the guys who was up for the role of the new Superman. So what did he end up thinking of the guy that pipped him at the post – Brandon Routh?

Showerman: "I thought Brandon was a really good Clark Kent. More specifically, I thought he nailed Christopher Reeve’s Clark Kent”.

The Gossip Monkey also has the latest news on a possible M:i:IV and more so head on over to MovieHole to check out all the latest.

Spy Hunter is (was) targeted for a July, 2007 release.

For more movie info, go to the Spy Hunter Movie Page

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Ryan Parsons
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