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New Fantastic Four Movie Stills

Published January 19, 2005 in MOVIE STILLS
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of 20th Century Fox
Jessica Alba as Invisible Woman [official website]
I know we are only half way through the week, but it seems that Fantastic Four is the hot ticket. First we had the full Fantastic Four movie trailer released yesterday [after appearing before Elektra this weekend], and now we have a bunch more Fantastic Four movie stills and wallpapers!

Latest Fantastic Four Movie Stills

Holy cow, there are some great new Fantastic Four movie stills on the net! Here are some of the latest below:

Jessica Alba is smoking!
The Thing... looking sexy as ever.
The Human Torch knows the risks about his super-suit.... 'think baseball, think baseball'

Fantastic Four Site Developments

All of the above images, and more, can be pulled off of the official Fantastic Four website. The Fantastic website now offers tons of flash animations with images and character profiles to boot. Seeing that there are a ton of empty slots for images on the site, expect a lot of upcoming Fantastic Four updates.

For the movie trailer, more movie stills, and a synopsis, go to the Fantastic Four Movie Page.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of 20th Century Fox

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