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Nicolas Cage Working on Becoming Slim

Published January 24, 2005 in MOVIE NEWS
By Ryan Parsons | Image from Winning Poker
"Poker is a game of people... It's not the hand I hold, it's the people that I play with."
According to the HollywoodReporter, Nicolas Cage is teaming up with Milos Forman to create a film about the notorious gambler Amarillo Slim Preston.

Cage is Amarillo Slim

Even though Cage is involved with the production of the biopic on Amarillo Slim, he will also star in the film as the head character. The screenplay has been written by Stephen Rivele and Christopher Wilkinson, who have Ali and Nixon among their portfolio. Milos Forman, who plans to direct, has not done a film since Jim Carrey's Man on the Moon.

Here is a little from Hollywood Reporter on the Amarillo Slim film:

Amarillo Slim is an intrinsically American rebel and gambling outlaw of a stripe that doesn't exist anymore," Pope said. "His memoir will be the foundation for a great film that taps into the popularity of poker but also, on a larger scale, expresses a unique approach to life."

Amarillo Slim, who has been described as "the most famous poker player ever," was born in 1928 in Arkansas. His many claims to fame include winning the World Series of Poker in 1972 as well as a $2 million bet from Larry Flynt. He is best known for making crazy "propositional" bets, including using a broom handle to play one-pocket pool with billiards legend Minnesota Fats, using a carpenter's hammer to play golf with stunt motorcyclist Evel Knievel and using an iron skillet to play pingpong with tennis player Bobby Riggs.

Even though this film is coming just at the right time, as the 'sport' of poker is growing rapidly among players and viewers, I am always worried about biopics. Ali, featuring Will Smith, bored the hell out of me; something I didn't think was possible.

Anywho, go check out the HollywoodReporter to read the entire report.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image from Winning Poker

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