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Pulse Remake

Published August 12, 2006 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Images property of The Weinstein Company.
Pulse Movie Poster Pulse Poster
Hollywood is getting around to every Japanese horror movie since they all keep making so much money. Pulse is the U.S. version of Kaira, a film about monsters coming to earth through Wi-Fi signals to terrorize lonely college students.

Pulse Remake

“I didn’t see Kairo until I had already booked Pulse,” said star Kristin Bell. “But, when I saw it I loved it. I thought it was really smart and really eerie. And I think in Americanizing it they chose to condense a lot of the characters because Americans look at that kind of film and they look at it as more of a series of vignettes because there are so many more characters. I think Americans are used to following the story of one person a little easier. So, to just sort of Americanize it, it’s not that they simplified the storyline by any means, they just condensed it.”

Also, even though our Pulse is PG-13, we still see more monsters. “Which I also think is the difference between filmmaking in Japan and filmmaking in America. I think a lot of the horror movies are so great over there, but also a bit more of what Americans would consider the independent film side because they take a few more risks or they do things differently. So, I think when going commercial with the movie, obviously, a smart business move for Dimension to do was to say, ‘What are Americans used to seeing? What’s going to not take them out of their comfort zone too much and still make a good film?’”

With that plan of attack in mind from the beginning, Bell feels the final cut fulfills the vision she had during pre-production. “I wasn’t very surprised, though I don’t think I picture too clearly what’s going to happen. I sort of leave it up in the air. I don’t think I ever have a clear understanding, even on any jobs I’ve done, what it’s going to look like. I think I just hone in on getting my stuff right, because I think if I try to take that perspective in and say, ‘Oh, I wish it was this way’ or “I wish it was this way,’ it’s just too much perspective for me to have. I try to keep it smaller.”

Pulse opened on August 11th.

For the trailers, movie stills, other interviews and more movie info, go to the Pulse Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Images property of The Weinstein Company.

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