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Revolver Movie Stills

Published January 26, 2005 in MOVIE STILLS
By Ryan Parsons | Images from Revolver
Revolver Ritchie returns to the darker tones.
Here is some great news for the Snatch and Lock Stock fans out there [and there should be a ton]. Guy Ritchie will be dropping the travesty known as Swept Away [Madonna made him do it... or so I hope], and go back to what he is good at, dark crime comedies.

Guy Ritchie's Revolver

Guy Ritchie is dropping the 'artsie-fartsie' love and picking up the Revolver... again. Considering that Guy Ritchie showed his liking to Jason Statham by using him in both of his crime epics, it is only predictable that Jason will again be working with Ritchie on Revolver.

Revolver represents Guy Ritchie's return to dark crime comedies. Revolver is a Vegas-themed film that includes all of Ritchie's common attributes such as guns, booze, drugs, and gambling. While we were acquanted with characters such as Boris, and Cousin Avi for Snatch, Revolver introduces us to The Caddy, French Paul, Fat Dan, Howard The Indian, Johnny Walker and Dorothy [who is humorously a guy].

Up until now, there was little released on the film [which still has no release date for 2005]. Thanks to the good people over at EmpireOnline, we have our first taste of Revolver.

Revolver Jason Statham [aka Turkish] will return for Revolver

That's it for now. Stay tuned for updates.
For more Superman info, check out the Revolver Movie Page
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images from Revolver

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