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Snakes Buzz

Published August 17, 2006 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of New Line Cinema.
Snakes on a Plane Snakes on a Plane
We’ve been having fun all summer talking about Snakes on a Plane, so that it’s almost weird to think we’re actually going to go see a film called Snakes on a Plane in theaters. Even though the filmmakers now have months and months of hype to live up to, they’re confident they can deliver.

Jackson, Ellis Talk Snakes on a Plane Hype

“I don't think you can be too far over the radar,” said director David Ellis. “I think we’re keeping kind of a steady flow going and we’ve done that by not having a trailer and giving the entire movie away, trying to do the little teasers so that we can keep teasing the audience with fresh stuff that they haven’t seen before. It’s up to us to just keep working hard until the release to keep the buzz going.”

Perhaps the sarcastic nature of much of the hype helps Ellis take it in stride. “The expectations are split. They’re split between the fans that really want to see the movie and the other side is people that want to see the movie but think that it’s going to be the best worst movie they’ve ever seen. So it’s not that people think they’re going to see Gone with the Wind, an Academy Award winning picture that’s going to sweep the Oscars. They’re going to check it out to see if we deliver a thrilling, exciting movie about snakes on a plane with a hero like Sam Jackson that takes itself seriously with there’s a lot of people that die on the plane and a lot of people that are in a really screwed up situation but at the same time they bond together and fight for a common goal which is survival. And at the same time, you’ve got some fun humor in it.”

Jackson knew the film was generating buzz and actually got involved, as opposed to certain other fanboy favorites in which Jackson kept his distance. “I knew from maybe the first week of shooting on the interest in the film and how a lot of people felt the same way I did, get this movie changed back to Snakes on a Plane, not Pacific Flight 121. Then the other stuff started to happen. Online posters and the blogs. I was pretty aware of it and I started talking to my managers and agents about it and everybody started tracking it. On this one, quite aware. On Star Wars I avoided it.”

Now it’s important to the filmmakers that all the fans see Snakes on a Plane for what it is. “I don't think we’re a good bad movie,” said Ellis. “I think for this, if you get a movie about snakes being unleashed on a plane and you have a phobia about fear of flying and you have a phobia about snakes, this movie definitely delivers. And I think it’s a good movie and I think a lot of those guys are going to have to eat their words once they see it.”

Snakes on a Plane opens to theatres on August 18th.

For the trailers, more interviews, movie stills, posters and more movie info, go to the Snakes on a Plane Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of New Line Cinema.

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