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Diane Lane on Hollywoodland

Published September 5, 2006 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Focus Features.
Hollywoodland Poster Hollywoodland- Diane Lane
Ben Affleck isn’t the only one playing a Hollywood legend in Hollywoodland. Though she might not be as well known as the Superman actor, Diane Lane plays Toni Mannix, wife of studio mogul Eddie Mannix.

Diane Lane Talks Hollywoodland

“I do feel that burden of responsibility to honor her as closely as I was told and could glean from things that I had read,” Lane said. “I appreciated her vulnerability and how it came out all wrong, and I just thought that everyone in the movie was a truly interesting character in their own merit. So it's nice to be a thread in an interesting tapestry.”

Toni had an affair with George Reeves, hoping to retain her youth while he hoped to leverage it to a better career. “I would say that the whole myth of the word ‘plan’ belies the little man behind the curtain in Oz because there is no plan unless you're someone, people who I can't name, who maybe actually do have a plan which is kind of startling to imagine. It's such a crap shoot. If they knew what made hits they would make more of them. That's my bumper sticker on the whole industry and so I don't think that you can live for that and I think that the more you get caught up in that whether you're a film star from the '50's who regrets that he was ever on television and the pop psychology of what it is to be a victim of the media and all of this that the film deals with is relevant today as it was then. It is a case study of what makes people happy and the myth of happiness itself.”

It is not Lane’s first foray into the past, and she enjoys the costumes and role playing. “It's always refreshing to step into another time. I've often loved westerns because it was so interesting to experience the oppression of being in the saddle and being in a corset, just to appreciate being able to complain about being in high heels and tight jeans when you're done with your day's work. There is always something to complain about, but it's just a difference reference once you see the limitations are in the time that you're portraying and the freedoms of that time because it cuts both ways.”

Hollywoodland also allowed Lane to grow older on screen, proving that she will in fact continue to improve with age. “I think that it was a wonderful exhale to just embrace the fact that the alternative to aging is much worse and frankly having had a mother and watching her gracefully have a currency of life that was more meaningful than her youth. The vulnerability of a woman of years is a very interesting commodity to work with on film versus an almost callowness of youth that is assigned to men, but I think that women possess it as well. It's just something that's easy to come by and hard to lose. Certainly Toni Mannix, that's a very important element of the relationship that she had with George which was her vulnerability of being the older woman, that whole element which today you can be eighteen months older and it means a great deal evidently. So I'm just saying that, again, it's about the '50's versus 2006 or wherever we are. I think that it meant even more then.”

Hollywoodland has a limited release on September 8th.

For the trailer, more posters and additional movie info, go to the Hollywoodland Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Focus Features.

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