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Ben Affleck on Hollywoodland

Published September 6, 2006 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Focus Features.
Hollywoodland Poster Hollywoodland- Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck has a lot of catching up to do. He’s been out of the Hollywood spotlight, and the tabloids, for two years. Having learned from past mistakes, he hopes that coming back to screens in Hollywoodland will keep the focus on his work this time.

Ben Affleck Talks Hollywoodland

“I kind of made a decision to just do the kind of movies that I wanted and that I could be proud of being in and not work for money or work to be famous, or for any of that stuff,” Affleck said. “I got really lucky that the first movie that I did in that period was this one which turned out really well. I'm really proud of it anyway. I really like it. I got to work on the script and work with these extraordinary actors and this wonderful director. It feels great. It's great to be up here and talking about a movie that I'm really proud of. It's a really nice feeling.”

Affleck plays George Reeves in the biopic. Chronicling the time from his casting as TV’s Superman through his mysterious death, the film gives Affleck ample ground to show his chops. “Obviously, yeah, George Reeves was an iconic guy because of who he played and that was in some ways tragic for him. That very tragedy and kind of paradox in the sense that he got the thing that he wished for and ultimately it was very destructive, is part of what makes the story so good and part of what makes the character so good. The onus was on me and on [director] Allen [Coulter] and on the writers to be consistent with who the guy really was because there is a sort of burden and responsibility. I think that even more so because I think of George as a guy who never really got a fair shake. So I thought that it would be the least that we could do here to give him his fair shake finally that he kind of didn't get in his career or following his death.”

With his share of media survival, Affleck could relate to the unfortunate Reeves, whose Superman typecasting never allowed him to play a dramatic role again. “The way that I got into looking at the character and the things that I identified with him were, among other things, was this idea of being and feeling that you were someone other than what the outside world saw you as and the injuries that he sustained in some ways from that. And there's just a lot about him that he went through and dealt with as a person that I think a lot of people can identify with. I think that he was an interesting guy who thoroughly lived his life in that it offered a lot of entries into understanding him and it was a pretty rich character.”

Hollywoodland open this Friday, September 8th.

For the trailer, posters, more interviews and additional movie info, go to the Hollywoodland Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Focus Features.

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