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Jackman Talks The Fountain

Published September 11, 2006 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Warner Bros.
The Fountain The Fountain
It is hard to believe that Hugh Jackman was a nobody (on film) up until his late casting on the set of Bryan Singer's X-Men. Ever since his appearance as Wolverine the actor has been picking up incredibly cool roles left and right and is now looking to be the big closer for 2006. With two films, The Prestige and The Fountain, prepping for theatrical release, Jackman is the hottest thing since sliced mutant.

The Fountain With Hugh

Since he is the hot topic, it is nearly impossible to pass by any newsstand without seeing Hugh's face on something or other. His latest appearance was in Premiere, and the magazine has a doozy of an interview with the actor for his role in Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain.

Premiere: In the most futuristic scenes in The Fountain, you're floating in a biosphere bubble in deep space, talking to a tree, and your head is completely shaved. What was that like?

I used to be called Pea Head at school. The moment I saw myself, I started laughing hysterically. All I could see were my mates going, “Pea Head! Pea Head!” I'd always dreamed of shaving it, because I love swimming, and with my head shaved, it was the most exquisite feeling.

And shaving your head was minor compared with other things you did in that film—I think you played every possible emotion.
I haven't before, and I doubt I'll ever again, have an opportunity to do so many different things in one movie. Just to give you an example of Darren's commitment, the whole year I was on Broadway, we would meet once or twice a week. He would come with me to do research, he would send me books, I was doing tai chi, yoga. I had to do the lotus position in a scene; it took me about 14 months to get there.

What was the hardest scene to film?
The scene in space where my character finally admits, “I'm scared.” I had to break down. We started first thing in the morning, and right up till lunchtime, I was just crying. Darren would stop shooting, and I couldn't stop crying. It was late in the film; I was already exhausted, almost broken. When he called, “Lunch,” I thought, “Thank God.” I didn't even know if I could walk to my trailer. I literally lay down on the floor, couldn't eat. At the end of lunch, Darren said, “Okay, mate, we're picking up where we left off.” I almost threw up. [laughs] The first take after lunch is the one that's in the movie. What Darren wanted was, here is a conquistador, a guy who will fight and fight no matter what the odds, and here's the one point he admits, “I don't know if I can do it.” Darren needed to see in my face that utter exhaustion. Well, there was no acting required. There are moments in this movie that I'm uncomfortable watching myself.

Check out the entire interview over at Premiere.

The Fountain comes to theatres on November 22nd.

For poster, trailers, stills, more early reports and movie info, go to The Fountain Movie Page

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of Warner Bros.

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