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Bobby Trailer Up

Published September 21, 2006 in Movie Trailers
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of The Weinstein Company.
Bobby Bobby
A couple days back we were sent over a still (here) that's sole purpose was to show off the impressively strong cast in the upcoming Weinstein Co. film Bobby.

True, this cast is ridiculously huge, but that shit can also be distracting.

Bobby Movie Trailer

Bobby revisits the night Robert F. Kennedy was gunned down at the Ambassador Hotel in 1968. The story is about how the lives of those at the hotel that evening intersected. The movie will take place against the backdrop of the cultural issues gripping the country at the time, including racism, sexual inequality and class differences.

Like the cast for Bobby, the trailer is also very strong; unless of course you have absolutely no historical background behind this Kennedy and the event that made him larger than life. Every part of the trailer seemed to have an emotional resonance, but the film's biggest strength could become an issue -- the cast. With a cast this big it is easy to get distracted away from the story as more and more major actors show up with cameo-size roles.

But maybe it is just me (and I am known to be critical on films such as this), so make your own impressions by checking out the Bobby trailer.

Bobby opens to theatres on November 22nd.

For the poster and more movie info, go to the Bobby Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of The Weinstein Company.

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