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Movie Review: Feast

Published September 22, 2006 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Dimension.
Feast Feast
This is why I go to the movies. I want filmmakers to mess with me, to have fun with classic ideas, to deliver what we want and surprise us. Hell, any one of those things would be worth $10, but to get them all is a dream come true.

This is the age old tale of monsters surrounding a remote bar where there’s no cell phone signal or help for miles. People who are normally at each other’s throats have to work together to defeat the unknown beast.

Feast Review

This movie takes self-referential one further. Everything that’s supposed to happen in this formula doesn’t, even when they promise it will. Feast does all the things other movies are afraid to, even Scream. They kill people they’re not supposed to and let characters be self-interested despite the bonding experience.

The on screen IDs for each character are fun, full of comments about their life expectancy. Everyone seems to be named after their plot function, only almost immediately they violate those expectations. You cannot predict who will make it.

Thank God they never show too much of the monster. Keeping it to snippets, these are the most vicious creatures this side of Starship Troopers: fast, brutal and funny. We’ve seen monsters that can’t be killed before, but we’ve never seen monsters repopulate this quickly.

The first monster attack is so vicious it carries through the rest of the movie. From then on, every little incident has the potential to escalate grotesquely. It’s sickly brilliant and twistedly clever. The creatures never repeat themselves and they come up with a new super power to thwart each defensive action. This is how you make low budget exciting.

The blood and guts flow copiously and the camera enjoys it. Why shouldn’t it? It’s the whole point of these movies, and Feast makes an art out of soaking its characters in goo. We even get to see a heroine scrubbing off her bloody boobies. Don’t get too excited. She keeps her bra on, but it’s a very practical issue and I’m glad they addressed it.

The characters are not total idiots. They have some good ideas, or ideas that would be good except their situation keeps becoming more overwhelming. There’s a little bit of infighting, mostly the usual shots taken at each other, but there are a few significant issues that come to boil.

They should be releasing Feast wide. It’s the most fun horror movie of the year. And the Weinsteins put Pulse on 2,000 screens.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Dimension.

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