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Power of the Dark Crystal Concept Art!

Published October 10, 2006 in Movie Pics
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
First we were told that Genndy Tartakovsky would direct the sequel to The Dark Crystal, Power of the Dark Crystal. Sounded good, but the project seemed like it would sit in pre-production. We were then given one of the first images from the film. The image immediately brought on a wave of creepy puppet flashbacks causing lack of sleep for weeks. Seriously, this was one disturbing muppet film if you hadn't hit your teens yet.

And now we are shown more progress, but this time in the form of conceptual drawings.

The Power of the Dark Crystal- Conceptual Artwork

The good people over at MTV recently posted a past, present and future report on Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal. Though I would figure most my age didn't know it, The Dark Crystal was considered a commercial failure. Sure, the technology might not have been to the standard of ILM, but what the hell else could we ask for from muppets in the eighties. I swear to you, one of the muppets was a perfect match to a girl I knew in high school; now that is realistic.

Even though Jim Henson is now gone, his story does live on and, with the help of improved technology and a top-notch director, the sequel could draw a cult-like following.

The result was 1982's "The Dark Crystal," a fantasy flick that debuted as a commercial and critical failure and has since lived on as a fondly remembered near-classic along the lines of '80s movies such as "Tron" and "The Last Starfighter." Frustrated by the limitations of technology, Henson, who died in 1990, took to discussing two different "Dark" visions in interviews: the film his imagination had longed for and the version hindered by fishing line and awkward action sequences.

Power of the Dark Crystal Power of the Dark Crystal Concept Art

Power of the Dark Crystal Power of the Dark Crystal Concept Art

Now, like a woodland creature called to action by Gelfling heroine Kira, "The Dark Crystal" is preparing to rise up again. And this time it has technology on its side, along with one of the hottest action directors in all of geekdom.

The artwork above is just a sample of the Brian Froud conceptual album available at MTV.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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