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Saw III Review

Published October 28, 2006 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Lionsgate.
Saw III Poster Saw III
Saw III is the sickest, most brilliant, most twisted, most clever and most emotional Saw yet. Yes, I’m alluding to my notorious DVD box quote from Saw II but now it’s sickly brilliant and twistedly emotional. Saw III is a different animal, more about resolutions than surprises.

Review: Saw III

Since the fun of the Saw movies is their intricate plot detail, it would be a needless shame to give away even the slightest thing. Obviously, these are the further adventures of Jigsaw and his victims, but being as vague as I possibly can, Saw III is the Godfather II of horror movies. Weaving an origin story within the current game, Saw III gives the answers Saw fans have been waiting for.

I must be on the same wavelength as those guys because I just really like these movies. The set up is glorious with all the elements coming together for the big show. The game progresses with the squirmiest traps of any Saw. This one comes full circle on the moral point of view in a masterful work of brutal genius.

Being as much of a wrap-up as a once a year franchise is likely to offer, Saw III doesn’t have the “oh my God” factor of opening more windows with the doors it closes. It’s just a satisfying Jigsaw story with a little more emphasis on the morality than the deception.

Haters could pick apart any of these movies, and especially the third one. With any of the elaborate set ups, you could say it’s a stretch that it could be done. Hey, I’ll buy any improbable circumstance if it’s clever. I just won’t buy stupid, and Saws are never stupid. Even if you don’t buy it, it’s not incompetent, it’s just not your thing.

With any of the traps, you could say, “Dude, stop pulling at the contraption and just go for it.” But come on, they’re in a traumatic situation.

You could criticize most of the acting but the story has always been greater than the acting. Saw III has the strongest acting to date, considering that most of Jigsaw’s victims are sleazy A-holes. Those people don’t really act sympathetically, and the minor redemption encouraged for them is the best hope possible. Tobin Bell is so compelling as Jigsaw you could put him with Pauly Shore and still have a good movie. Shawnee Smith is at her hottest and most dangerous in Saw III.

Even though the twists in Saw III don’t change the reality of the movie like those in the first two did, you still can’t guess what’s coming. There’s always some crazy trap in the next room or some subtle motivation behind Jigsaw’s methods. I don’t mind that I didn’t have my entire world totally shaken this time. I’m just happy they keep telling good stories. If you don’t see Saw III, you might as well saw your eyes out. See it three more times than you saw the last Saws.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Lionsgate.

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