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Borat on Borat

Published November 2, 2006 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of 20th Century Fox.
Borat Borat
Sacha Baron Cohen did not give interviews for the movie of his character Borat. Instead, Borat himself greeted the press to discuss making his feature film debut. His trip to America for the film gave Borat many new experiences.

Interview: Sacha Baron Cohen on Borat

“I would like say that I liking U, S and A very much,” Borat said. “Enjoy your peoples and enjoy your delicious food. First day I here, I go to restaurant named McDonalds which is so fancy pants, it actually have a separate room for making toilet in. There I eat 17 hamburgers and 600 packets of red soup called ketchup. These did not agree so much with my stomach and the next day my anus was hang loose like the mouth of a tired dog. But, I learn many things that is different than one I expect from your country. For example, I was surprised to learn it is now illegal to shoot at red Indians. Once again, if anyone watching this, I would like to apologize with all my heart to Chief Running Deer at the Potawatomi Casino in Nevada.”

Making a big American movie has been a dream for Borat, as a fan of Hollywood for many years. “In Kazakhstan, we are huge fannies of U, S of A movies. And we have shown this by manufacturing pirate DVD’s of many of them. We like movies of funny man Edward Murphy. We in Kazakhstan laugh very much when we see his chocolate face, ya? It is unusual. The color! Other American films we like are Robocop, Titanic and the sex comedy The Accused. That scene on the snookie table…”

Even though he’s the star of a big Hollywood movie, Borat’s life in Kazakhstan won’t change much. “You know, I try to stay a normal person. I like to relax like any other married man. I shoot dogs. I receive a open mouth party for my sister and I like to drink fermented horse urine with the boys. I just a regular guy. But, I am proud of my status. I am now the fourth most famous person in all of Kazakhstan. Number three is ex-Olympic gymnast Liliut Zmarkem who now perform in the state circus where she is famous for being able to put one foot in her mouth while the other is in vajeen. It’s incredible! Number two is our glorious premier, Nursultan Nzarbayev. And number one is children’s favorite animal actor, Jerry the monkey. Who as you may know was the star of Torotabilski Express and many, many other pornos. But, it’s not just me that has changed. Kazakhstan has improved very much since I return from U, S and A. We recently introduced the death penalty from your country. Great idea! We give it for serious crimes such as murder, cleaning anus with our national flag and baking bagels.”

Borat features an appearance by major Hollywood star Pamela Anderson. However, Anderson and Borat are not on good terms. “I must make clear this lady, Pamela, has start to stalk me as you say. Already this week she has sent me three love messages through her lawyer. Saying sexy things like, ‘I must not go further than 30 miles from her house, mail her dirty antipants or say on my MySpace bloggings that I want to make romance insider her.’ Pamela, if you watch this, leave me alones.”

Featured prominently in Borat is Borat’s producer, Azamat Bagatov. Azamat joined Borat for his press conference, but only spoke in Kazakh. “I would like to pay tribute to my producer Azamat who is fat. He is the most experience person in Kazakh film industry and in the past 20 years he has personally watched over 17 movies. He do a superb job producing my movie film, which has already been released and Kazakhstan and was a huge blockbuster. It took the top spot from the Hollywood movie King Kong, which had been number one film in my country every since it was released in 1932. Azamat is currently producer of children’s game show Gypsy Bingo where we put numbers on the backs of 20 gypsies. The contestants have to guess which number will manage to reach other side of minefield before…”

Whether or not Borat is a hit, Borat himself does not know what he will be working on next. “I, eh, not sure exactly when I will next make a movie film, because for the next 18 months my country’s camera is fully booked for make other television shows. This include programs such as Kazakhstan’s Next Top Prostitute and the comedy film about the person who waited very late in his life to make sexy time. It’s called The 4-year-old Virgin. Almost 5 and he never make achee. Little explosion.”

When the time comes for Borat to debut on DVD, expect some very special bonus features. “The anti-communist organization Fox will be release a DVD in a spring. We in Kazakhstan will be releasing our own pirate version one month earlier. It will have everything the Fox one has and some special extras including Superman Returns and Da Vinci Code.”

Borat opens tomorrow, November 3rd.

For the trailers, clips early reviews, posters and more movie info, head on over to the Borat Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of 20th Century Fox.

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