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New Batman Begins Pics and Site

Published February 7, 2005 in MOVIE STILLS
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Warner Bros
Batman Begins Gary Oldman
I guess with the release of the Batman Begins Super Bowl Spot, Warner Bros thought they should also have a polished version of the Batman Begins site ready as well. While the site used to offer nothing more than a trailer and some 'photos', the site has recently had a major face and content lift.

New Batman Begins Site

The latest version of the Batman Begins website offers a synopsis page, a poster page, a photo gallery, a 'videos' page, a 'downloads' page, an 'interviews' page, a 'contests' page, an 'updates' page, a 'mobile' page, and finally a 'partners' page. Basically, this is a whole new site.

Of the new options on the site-- 'downloads', 'photo gallery', and 'interviews' throw out the most value. Now you can view even more Batman Begins movie stills and even download Batman wallpapers and buddy icons. Show how much you love Batman while chatting on AIM. Check out some of the new stills [or should I say character shots] above and below.

Batman Begins Morgan Freeman
Batman Begins Liam Neeson

Some of the pages still have a 'coming soon', so I can only imagine what to expect from them.

Check out the Batman Begins site by going to the Batman Begins Movie Page.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of Warner Bros

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