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Meet the Robinsons Characters #2

Published November 13, 2006 in Movie Pics
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Walt Disney Pictures.
Meet the Robinsons- T Rex T-Rex is brought from the past to the future by Bowler Hat Guy in an attempt to capture Lewis. However, T-Rex’s head proves too big and his arms too small to actually carry out his assignment. Though initially ferocious, he becomes the Robinson family pet.

Here is the final set of character images for the upcoming animated film Meet the Robinsons from Walt Disney Pictures.

Meet the Robinsons Characters

Lewis is a brilliant twelve-year-old with a surprising number of clever inventions to his credit. His latest and most ambitious project is the Memory Scanner, which he hopes will retrieve early memories of his mother and maybe even reveal why she put him up for adoption. But before he can get his answer, his invention is stolen by the dastardly Bowler Hat Guy and his diabolical hat - and constant companion - Doris.

Meet the Robinsons- Uncle Fritz and Aunt Petunia Uncle Fritz and Aunt Petunia have a strange marriage. She’s very cranky and endlessly tongue-lashes Uncle Fritz. She is also a hand puppet.

Meet the Robinsons- Uncle Art Dr. Uncle Art is a heroic-looking intergalactic pizza deliveryman who takes his work very seriously. His mission in life, as he pilots his spacecraft through the solar system, is to deliver the perfect pizza within minutes anywhere in the galaxy.

Meet the Robinsons- Lewis Robinson Lewis (right) is an orphan with a genius I.Q. and a passion for inventing. His offbeat nature and unintentionally disastrous inventions keep him from obtaining the one thing he longs for the most – a family to call his own. He believes his only chance is to find his real mother, so he invents the Memory Scanner, a machine that will extract his only memory of her.

Meet the Robinsons- Wilbur Robinson Wilbur Robinson (left) is a mysterious stranger from the future whose biggest flaws – self-confidence, cocky attitude, and fast talking banter – are also his greatest assets. They enable Wilbur to stay one step ahead of his adversaries. Knowing that Lewis holds the key to the future, Wilbur whisks him away in his time machine where the two battle a ferocious dinosaur, mind-controlled frogs and evil villains all in an effort to save the world as Wilbur knows it.

Meet the Robinsons- Lizzy Lizzy is an intense and glowering student at the science fair whose dark attitude and fire ants concern the judges, particularly when she announces, "They only bite my enemies."

Meet the Robinsons- Lefty Lefty is a one-eyed purple octopus and the family butler.

Meet the Robinsons- Uncle Gaston Uncle Gaston likes to shoot himself out of a cannon and race Aunt Billie's train.

Meet the Robinsons gets animated on March 30th, 2007.

For movie stills, more characters, trailers, poster and additional info, go to the Meet the Robinsons Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of Walt Disney Pictures.

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