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Da Vinci Code Fullscreen DVD on HDTV

Published November 17, 2006 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image from respective holders.
The Da Vinci Code DVD The Da Vinci Code
Due to overwhelming demand, they only had full screen editions of The Da Vinci Code to send out to some critics. That inspired me. I’ve been evaluating regular DVDs on a JVC 56” Projection HDTV, what would a pan and scan movie look like on the ultimate technology? Obviously, this review is a gag so don’t judge the film by this test.

DVD Review: The Da Vinci Code

The JVC set seems to assume anything pumped through the digital HDMI is anamorphic, so there is no option to watch it in the proper ratio. It is stretched across the screen. Since it’s already cropped, it looks like everything is zoomed in way too far.

The picture looks fuzzy and soft focused in every scene. It’s like a bootleg of someone zooming a video camera at a movie screen. The colors are all muddy. Even Paul Bettany’s pasty white skin looks greenish orange, the same color the interior of the Louvre looks in this version.

So, this hopefully answers anyone’s questions about putting a fullscreen movie on an HDTV. Thank you to the PR firm handling The Da Vinci Code for bearing with us.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
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