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Hugh Jackman Bathes in The Fountain

Published November 20, 2006 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Images property of Warner Bros.
The Fountain Hugh Jackman in The Fountain
Playing three versions of a character isn’t as simple as putting on wigs or shaving your head. Hugh Jackman looks very different in three stages of The Fountain, in part due to hair but largely due to posture. Tomas is a Spanish Conquistador, Tommy is a modern day doctor and Tom is a futuristic space traveler.

Interview: Hugh Jackman On The Fountain

“There’s an essential similarity in a way, what drives them, but physically, we wanted to make them very different, not only looking,” said Jackman. “Obviously they look very different but I created a different physicality for all three. For Tommy, I made him like a question mark. We had this image of him as a question mark and Darren and I spent hours in rooms, like in rehearsal rooms. I’d walk around and around in a room just trying different things until we kind of felt it was right. But Tommy’s very weighed down by the world and what he’s doing. Look at the film. He’s always hunched over, head sort of down like a question mark. His lab is underground. Everything is under, under, under. He’s always going down steps, if you look at the design. It’s brilliantly done.”

Tomas is the man of action. “Tomas is a conquistador. He’s a warrior. So whilst he’s strong, physically he’s and he’s ready to fight, his head is sort of down and he’s very sort of like a racehorse, nothing will stop him, he’s got blinders on.”

Tom is the most mellow. “Tom in the future is worked out. He hasn’t fully come to terms with who he is. He’s still got some problems. He knows how to be physically at his ultimate, so he does tai chi, he does yoga, he meditates and all these things are about maintaining the physical form. So he was just more at ease.

Getting in shape for Tom was the toughest physical routine for Jackman. “I was literally doing yoga, first of all every morning for an hour and a half, two hours. But in between every shot just to really do that. Man, my yoga teacher was amazing. He took me to this thing called the Hall of Air club in Montreal. It was like minus 25 degrees Celsius and we’d jump into the river. For a minute, we’d sit in there, put our head under the river and then you go into the sauna, steam room and do one yoga pose. So you do 15 minutes of one yoga pose. Maybe touching toes with your head on your needs, that kind of thing. Then you jump back in the river again. You do that eight times and after three hours, it’s an experience that everyone should do. I had a bald head at the time too. It was amazing. It was like I was on fire. My head was like smoke coming out, steam coming off my head. It was amazing. I’ve never seen, it was just an incredible feeling. So doing all that yoga was amazing what it did for me.”

The Fountain opens to theatres this Wednesday, November 22nd.

For trailers, stills, early reviews, more interviews and additional info, go to The Fountain Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Images property of Warner Bros.

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