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Demi Moore Talks Bobby

Published November 22, 2006 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of The Weinstein Company.
Bobby- Demi Moore Demi Moore in Bobby
Bobby brings Demi Moore and Emilio Estevez full circle. The former lovers costarred in Estevez’s directorial debut Wisdom, and now she joins the ensemble of his ultimate passion project.

Interview: Demi Moore On Bobby

“I was still living in Idaho and this was probably, at this point, five years ago,” said Moore. “We had been speaking and he called me and said, ‘I’m going to send you something I’ve really been working on. Just take a look at it and tell me what you think.’ And I don’t think he said anything specifically about a role. It was just, ‘Read this. It’s just something that means a lot. I’m really passionate about it.’ And continued to talk and there was almost money there. So, I feel like I have certainly not been inside it as much as he has, but I have been living with this borrowed passion until it became part of my own for some time. What I’ll also share about Emilio is they say a candle when you take a flame to light someone else’s candle that it is the only moment that when you give something that you will not loose anything. I feel like Bobby Kennedy was a light who was holding this flame for us all. And that Emilio has picked that up and shared all that and I think through the process of all of us. We are all here for love; it certainly wasn’t the paycheck.”

Already, Estevez’s latest film is faring better critically than his first directorial effort, but Moore cuts him some slack. “I believe if he were making that film as his first film today that it would have been received far differently. Back then it was just considered a B movie. We didn’t have independents in the way that we have today and I think Emilio’s been on a long journey to get to this opportunity, but what he’s bringing forth in this is what I saw him believe in from the very early days. And really just I can’t say how proud I am that he trusted in me enough. There’s a lot of people he could have sought to do this role and I’m sure who would have liked to have done it.”

Moore plays a boozing lounge singer performing at the Ambassador hotel the day Robert Kennedy is assassinated. She performed her own vocals for the film. “Yes, I did do the singing. In fact, I almost didn't do the role because of the singing. I had so much fear and anxiety and if not for Emilio's kind of steadfast belief in my ability to not just do the singing, but bring life to this woman and I did so ultimately because it scared the crap out of me and I figured that means it's exactly what I should be doing. But, let me just say I play a singer and I never want to be compared to a real one.”

The character totally lets herself go, which is something Moore has been careful to avoid, but she found it liberating to play such a woman. “It's not about always getting it right. Sometimes it's about getting it wrong so that we have the opportunity to overcome. I think sometimes those are the better opportunities because when it all works well we actually give less thought to it. We put less energy into and sometimes when it doesn't, we really have such an enormous opportunity for growth. I think in the film, part of the connection that all of the characters share is whatever levels their lives are at, Helen [Hunt] and Martin [Sheen]'s relationship is striving to overcome a certain obstacle and or at a more evolved place. Sharon [Stone] and Bill Macy are in the middle of something, but there's hope because there's a desire and I think in our character's relationship it's gone over and edging to a dark place, but underneath everyone of our characters down to the young love that's trying to find itself is a soul. Everybody's soul is striving to rise above and I think there are some of us in the film that are conscious and I think there are some of us who are representing that which is unconscious, but one is not better than the other. As far as personal discipline, I'm grateful for the opportunity to play somebody like Virginia, but I certainly don't want to live it.”

Bobby opens to theatres today, November 22nd.

For the poster, trailer, more interviews, synopsis and more movie info, go to the Bobby Movie Page.

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