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CanMag Gifts for the Holidays!

Published December 4, 2006 in Movie Contests
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Babel Soundtrack Babel Soundtrack
With the holidays upon us it would only be right to give back to our readers. By the beginning of next week -- if not sooner -- CanMag will go live with the beginning of our holiday gift guides and with those reviews/suggestions we plan to host multiple giveaways. Most giveaways will be DVDs, but except a few other media items as well.

No, not the Playstation 3; that's just greedy.

Holiday Contest Starts Meow: Babel Soundtrack

To kick off the holiday contests we first have the soundtrack for Babel available for giveaway. Like the soundtrack for Forrest Gump, this dramatic OST comes packaged with nearly 40 tracks. Whew!

Though we don't have a holiday gift guide for the Babel OST just yet, we figured we might as well launch the contest a little bit early.

Enter for chance to win a copy of the Babel soundtrack here.

From now on, be sure to keep checking the CanMag Announcements to see what new items we are currently giving away.

Happy Holidays!

(expect a couple DVD contests this week)

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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