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Angelina Jolie on The Good Shepherd

Published December 18, 2006 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Images property of Universal Pictures.
Angelina Jolie takes an emotional beating in The Good Shepherd. As the wife of the CIA's first founder, she's abandoned for years on end, denied any affection and succumbs to the drink. That's unusual for the normally kick-ass Jolie, but she found a way in.

Interview: Angelina Jolie on The Good Shepherd

"I do see her in the end as being as strong as a woman could be at that time, but did like that there were many things about her that were broken, and often I don't get to play that part," she said. "I think that's why it took a while for Bob [DeNiro] to decide that I should play that part, because she is more subservient, she is more vulnerable, she is very broken, and as an actress it was a great challenge and as a woman, as much as there are certain things in my life I do feel strong about, there's pieces of me that are broken."

As particular as DeNiro is as an actor, imagine having him as your director. "I think he needed to understand that I really knew her and my intentions for how I would play her were accurate. He's very specific and every detail of this film, he's aware of and he cares about. I think I'm a very modern woman, if I thought of it, in a very modern way. Even at the beginning she's very light and silly in a way I don't usually portray either, so a lot about her was not something that he could obviously see that I was capable of doing. So I think he had to know that I understood her and so we talked about it a lot to make sure he did."

The Good Shepherd Jolie in The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd The Good Shepherd

So how'd she do it? "I think that kind of feeling alone, I didn't necessarily feel that in a marriage
per se but in my life. She's surrounded by a lot of people, that there are a lot of secrets, a lot of quiet, a lot of people just accepting, and as much as she's broken and she's that person, she's also the only person that is desperate to scream out and try to get some reaction, something honest. I've found that in my life a lot. I tend to want to be that person that I can't tolerate, and it would break me. I would start drinking or something terrible if I was in a situation where I was surrounded by lies or quiet or secrets. You know, not just a real life."

Another connection she had was motherhood. "Actually that is the one thing that kept me grounded to her and connected to her because there was so much about her I didn't identify with. But her love and her commitment to her son and certainly, having lost her own family to this world of CIA and now her husband and the fear that her son would get involved in this kind of dangerous, silent world and that becoming a reality, and how that would feel. So yeah, in particular fighting for him, it was very personal."

The Good Shepherd opens to theatres this Friday, December 22nd.

For movie stills, trailer, full synopsis and more movie info, head over to the The Good Shepherd Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Images property of Universal Pictures.

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