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Merry Christmas: Holiday Trailers

Published December 25, 2006 in Movie Trailers
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Dreamworks.
Transformers Transformers
Though we are still due a couple big new trailers this week, we thought what better time to recap the latest and greatest previews than Christmas. Prepare to burn some time.

Holiday Trailers

Below is our list of favorite trailers and why you should check them out (not that you need one):

1. Transformers
- Number one not only because it is one of the newer trailers, but because it is the first real proof that Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg could be creating the hottest film of 2007. Sure, the shots of the Transformers in action and barely glimpses, but we are still early in the game. Just imagine what the feature trailer has in store.
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2. 300
- If you can watch this trailer and not mouth out the word 'wow', you are either a much better person than I or one who is damn near impossible to please. 300 looks incredible and is on course to be the film to kick off the spring season. The film also gets extra kudos for having Gerard Butler as King Leonidas; this guy has a female fanbase larger than Hollywood.
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3. Smokin' Aces
- Though the early reviews have not been as positive as we would have liked, Joe Carnahan's romp features a cast that includes Ben Affleck, Peter Berg, Andy Garcia, Martin Henderson, Taraji Henson, Alicia Keys, Ray Liotta, Jeremy Piven and last, but definitely not least, Ryan Reynolds. Sure, a strong cast doesn't always guarantee box office gold, but the hyperkinetic action works as the film's selling point. Let's just hope we don't have another Domino here. Unless, of course, Keira Knightley shows up and pops out her boobs (fingers crossed).
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4. Pan's Labyrinth
- Moviegoers need to hear about this film. Directed by Guillermo del Toro, Pan's Labyrinth has been ranked either #1 or #2 on everybody's Top Ten list for 2006. The film is in Spanish, so be sure to remember your glasses when entering theatres.
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5. Live Free or Die Hard
- Yes, the title is still annoying, but the trailer shows us a John McClaine (Bruce Willis) that can probably go toe-to-toe with Jack Bauer. Granted he has much less paperwork to file at CTU, McClaine now must deal with protecting his son; played by Mac's very own Justin Long. The trailer is a strong start and you will never forget the car-flipping scene.
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6. Spider-Man 3
- Though it has been out for a while, the feature trailer for Spider-Man 3 is further proof that this film is setting up to be the best in the franchise. If contracts can't get resigned with Franco, Maguire and Dunst, why not at least go out with a bang?
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7. Ocean's 13
- A trailer perfect for those of you who have had your own moments of being 'too cool.' Since the second installment's oversized ego hurt the franchise, Soderbergh and extended company are looking to bring us back for something that is, well, not the second installment. Fortunately for all, the teaser trailer is a good start.
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- The ninja turtles are back and look way better in CG than they did live-action. The story looks impressive, the action is strong, and the 'bosinova' lingo is making a comeback.
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9. Shrek the Third
- DreamWorks could probably just release the film to theatres trailerless and still find box office gold. That is obviously not the case, however, and we now have our first teaser for the film. I had expected more, but have to admit that the Pinnochio scene did have me in chuckles.
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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Dreamworks.

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