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Behind the Scenes for Batman Begins

Published February 17, 2005 in MOVIE PREVIEW
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Warner Bros
Batman Begins Christian Bale as Batman
It is time to go behind the scenes of Batman Begins, thanks to Moviefone's special 'Inside the Bat Cave.' Discover what makes Batman tick, and the benefits of overhauling the entire saga. Hopefully, for all of you that have never heard of Christian Bale, you will see why he was the perfect candidate to play the dark knight.

Go Behind Batman Begins

Thanks to Moviefone's 'Inside the Bat Cave,' we can take a further look into what we can expect with the latest film for the Batman saga. All kiddin aside, I do believe that this film should easily be comparable to the original; therefore making Batman Begins the first or second best film in the entire saga to date.

Here is a snippet of what is revealed about Batman Begins:

Indie Hero

Don't let the pointy ears fool you: This isn't 'Batman Again.' Batman Begins is directed an co-written by indie auteur Christopher Nolan. What's an art-house boy doing in a franchise film like this? "Chris always wanted to make big movies, with lots of spectacle," says Nolan's producer and wife, Emma Thomas. "He wants to make a film that kids will see now and remember why they're older... those were the films that made him want to be a filmmaker."

Weighty Issues

Bale started shooting Batman Begins just a few months after dropping to 130 pounds for a role in 'The Machinist.' That left the 6'2" actor too scrawny to play a muscle-bound superhero. So he began a new dietary regime: "eating like crazy. I went too far," says Bale, who gained back an extra 40 pounds on top of the 60 he'd lost initially. "Chris Nolan said, 'You look like a grizzly bear." Ultimately, Bale managed to steer himself back to a sleek-but-still-muscular physique.

Be a Mentor

Nolan cites 'Batman: Year One,' the Frank Miller/David Mazzucchelli tale of Batman's early days, as a major influence on the movie. Still, Nolan and co-scriptwriter David S. Goyer haven't stuck too closely to any one comic book. For one thing, they've given a promotion to Bruce Wayne's mentor Henri Ducard, who's a fairly obscure character in the DC Comics universe but who here is played by Oscar nominee Liam Neeson.

Police Man

Gary Oldman will play as Commissioner Gordon. Actually, "Commissioner" Gordon isn't in Batman Begins; he's a sergeant and he's the guy who asks Batman to explain things so audiences know what's going on. "As smart as Gordon is, he's... a little behind." explains Oldman. Not that he's complaining: "It's the first time I've played a cop. It's nice to be a good guy... I'd normally be the guy Batman's after."

Actually, Gary Oldman did play a crooked cop, DEA, in The Professional [guess he forgot]. To check out all the behind the scenes for Batman Begins, plus photos, head over to MovieFone.

For the trailers, clips, stills, and synopsis, go to the Batman Begins Movie Page
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Warner Bros

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