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Alba Ready to Reteam with Cameron?

Published March 22, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of MGM
Jessica Alba Jessica Alba opt out of being nude... dang it.
Jessica Alba is turning out to be the hottest thing since.... well, the hottest thing in general. In just over one week, Alba can be seen as Nancy in the upcoming film Sin City. After this, you can see her again in both Fantastic Four and Into the Blue over the Summer. This dark angel is co-starring in some of the hottest films of 2005!

It seems that besides the audiences, others have taken notice. James Cameron has contacted Alba about bringing her into his water obsession with the film Fathom.

Cameron Pulls Alba into the Water

According to FilmForce, James Cameron has been excited to work with Alba [who he worked with in the TV series Dark Angel] since he learned that she would have experience in water from Into the Blue [she already knows how to scuba]. Ever since Titanic, Cameron cannot seem to keep away from water based films [The SE version of The Abyss is awesome]. James Cameron has finished tinkering around with fiction/documentary films such as Aliens of the Deep and is ready to get back to some real films... in water.

James Cameron's next will be Battle Angel and Fathom. While Battle Angel is almost entirely CG, Fathom will be 'real' [in the best sense]. Here is what Alba had to say about the film:

Before Into the Blue, Alba said that she was speaking with water-obsessed director James Cameron about doing another water based film, entitled Fathom. "I did [Into the Blue] a long time ago, and Jim Cameron has been kind of talking about maybe doing a comic book that involves scuba diving, it's sort of like this girl underwater, and I have been talking about doing something like thatů And [Into the Blue] came up, and I hadn't scuba dived in seven months, and they were going to give me a decent paycheck to scuba dive in the Bahamas for five months. I was like, 'Cool.' That's honestly why I did that."

Alba says she has spoken with Cameron about a few projects, but Battle Angel is not one of them. "No, he hasn't talked to me about that yet."

For the entire report, and to hear what Alba has to say about the differences between Sin City and Fantastic Four, go to FilmForce

Stay tuned for updates

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of MGM

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