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Review of Guess Who

Published March 28, 2005 in Movie Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Columbia Pictures
Guess Who Kutcher in another love comedy Guess Who
I am going to start by stating that a lot of people who enjoyed the formula behind the hit film Meet the Parents should also enjoy the latest dating comedy-- Guess Who. Guess Who offers exactly the same formula applied in Parents, now you just have to throw in some black people.

Well, not exactly… but close.

Guess Who- The Premise

Guess Who is the story of Simon Green [Ashton Kutcher] who has to meet his unknowing father-in-law. Now, meeting your fiancé's parents is never easy and can be extremely humorous, as shown in Meet the Parents. But for Simon Green, who is white, he has to meet the parents of his black girlfriend who has delayed informing them that her boyfriend is not black; her father expected a guy named Jamal who was a star in basketball.

Even though Simon gets along with most of the family past introductions, it is his fiancé's father, Percy [Bernie Mac], that holds issues with Simon and won't let himself escape the fact that there is a white guy dating his black daughter .

The rest of Guess Who involves Simon trying to get into the good graces of Percy by lying and attempting to come off as a person he isn't. Percy continuously does not help the situation by forcing Simon in to uncomfortable positions such as by making him tell black jokes.

However, for Simon to have any chance on marrying his fiancé, Theresa [Zoe Saldana], he and Percy must find a common ground and learn to get along.

Guess Who Kutcher and Bernie Mac in Guess Who

Guess Who- The Movie

I cannot describe Guess Who better than pointing out its extreme similarity to Meet the Parents. The only difference in Guess Who is the fact that they play the race card and are able to create some pretty funny race jokes along the way.

Bernie Mac even plays a similar character to Robert De Niro in Meet the Parents. Through out almost the entire film, Bernie Mac's character tries to prove that Simon is hiding something or not telling the truth. Once Percy does discover some deception on Simon's part, he immediately works to get his daughter back on his side by stating 'but he [Simon] lied.' Sound familiar?

Guess Who is pretty humorous [not as much as Meet the Parents] and is able to make comedy on stereotypes between white and black people. Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac also make a great comedic team as they go at each other for 'testosterone dominance.'

If you loved Meet the Parents and enjoy race jokes, then Guess Who will probably float your boat. The movie offers tons of easy laughs and combines a great comedic pair in Kutcher and Mac.

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Ryan Parsons
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