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Harry Potter Theory- Who Has the Locket Horcrux?

Published September 2, 2005 in Novel News
By Ryan Parsons | Image from Amazon
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Harry Potter theories and discussions
It's that time again. Time for the latest theory for Harry Potter or, more specifically, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. In our last discussion [Rab's Identity Revealed!] we pointed out that R.A.B. was most likely Sirius's brother Regulus Black. During the second half of the discussion we moved on to who could possibly have the Locket Horcrux that Dumbledore and Harry set out for in the first place. All we do know is that somebody did have it, and they left a note with the 'initials' R.A.B. [Regulus]. But, before we begin, the disclaimer:

Disclaimer: If you have not read AND finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince you should stop reading now. Some spoilers are ahead, but I won't go into who died in the sixth book. However, some of the suggestions could tip you off to events in the sixth book, making it a better option to not read any of what's below.

Now that this is past us, let's take a look at who or where the Locket Horcrux can now be.

The Case of the Locket Horcrux

In Sirius', now Potter's, Home

This is the biggest bet and the most likely origin to the Locket Horcrux. We know that Regulus used to live here and was still welcomed by his parents. Regulus either never placed the Horcrux in Voldemort's desired location or was able to get passed the safeguards to grab the Locket at a later date. The Black's do have some gifted blood, but it is unknown if Regulus would of had the abilities required to pull the Locket from the magical liquid. Therefore, the idea has been put forth that Regulus was assigned the task of placing the Locket Horcrux in its location, but decided to place the note instead; keeping the locket as his own.

Regulus then ran to his parents with the Locket Horcrux and left it in the Sirius home. We have already encountered a similar locket during chapter six of The Order of the Phoenix when the Order and kids were cleaning up the house. Upon discovery of the Locket inside a glass case, none were able to open it. Sirius then placed the locket in a designated area of goods to be thrown out.

Is this the Locket that Harry and Dumbledore originally set out for? Most likely, but what happened to it? Is it still in Harry's inherited home?

Mundungus Snatches the Locket Horcrux

As of right now, Mundungus Fletcher is the biggest culprit to who may have, or had, the Locket Horcrux. Though The Order trusted Mundungus, all still admitted that he was sort of a rat. And a rat he was. In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry encounters Mundungus selling artifacts from his godfather's house. Did Mundungus happen to take the Locket set for disposal? If he did, did he sell it or keep it for himself?

We have four branches we can go on for this one. Either Mundungus didn't steal the Locket, he currently has it, sold it to anybody who would purchase it, or sold it to the barman from the Hog's Head named Aberforth Dumbledore. Harry's first mission will be to check the house and, if the Locket is missing, head out to confront Mundungus.

But what if somebody else, or some other creature, stole the Locket long before Mundungus? That little bitch of a house-elf Kreacher!

Kreacher Collects 'Trash' and Locket

Being unable to open the Locket, Sirius designated the object *cough* Horcrux to be thrown away [OotP]. Though digging through trash would be a bitch, what about the house-elf Kreacher? Wasn't he jacking stuff set to be thrown away all the time? Maybe he saw value in the locket and kept it for himself. Maybe he even witnessed the considerable value that the Sirius family placed on the locket.

Now that Kreacher is under the service of Potter [remember he forced Kreacher to follow Malfoy], he could just run back over to Hogwarts [Kreacher works in the kitchen] to find out if he knows anything about it. Kreacher is a definite possibility, further proving the genius behind JK Rowling's ability to create multiple outs for herself and her characters.

If Kreacher did happen to snatch the locket before it hit the trash, then maybe Dumbledore was right about this annoying creature still serving out a purpose. Kreacher would be an easy solution for Harry, as all he would have to do is command Kreacher to get the Locket for him.

Above are the three most likely sets of options on where The Locket could probably be residing. However, there is one more option. Though reaching it is, you have got to hear this one out.

Regulus Black Still Wears the Locket

What! I know, sounds crazy. I would first like to thank 'Elizabeth Smith' for pointing out this little detail to me.

What if Regulus Black was able to get into the cave, grab the Horcrux Locket, put it around his neck, but never get out alive? Let's take a passage from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince before I continue [pp. 565-566]:

"Professor?" he said finally. "Do you think the Horcrux is here?"
"Oh yes," said Dumbledore. "Yes, I'm sure it is. The question is, how do we get to it?"
"We couldn't... we couldn't just try a Summoning Charm?" Harry said...
"Certainly we could," said Dumbledore, stopping so suddenly that Harry almost walked into him. "Why don't you do it?"
"Me? Oh... okay..."
Harry had not expected this, but cleared his throat and said, loudly, wand aloft, "Accio Horcrux!"
With a noise like an explosion, something very large and pale erupted out of the dark water some twenty feet away; before Harry could see what it was, it had vanished again with a crashing splash that made great, deep ripples on the mirrored surface. Harry leapt backward in shock and hit the wall; his heart was still thundering as he turned to Dumbledore.
"What was that?"
"Something, I think, that is ready to respond should we attempt to seize the Horcrux."

After the shock:

"Yes, Harry?"
"Do you think we're going to have to go into the lake?"
"Into it? Only if we are very unfortunate."
"You don't think the Horcrux is at the bottom?"

We later learn that 'that something' was a dead, or undead, person reacting to Harry's Summoning Charm. However, we also hear that these dead wizards [and muggles?] should not be active until Harry and Dumbledore get their hands on the object at the center of the lake. Harry also has his doubts, and questions if he and Dumbledore will need to go in to the depths of the lake to recover the Horcrux. Could Harry have been right? Remember, JK Rowling allows her characters to give us blatant hints sometimes. For example, take the hint during Goblet of Fire when the kids say that, during the mess at the campsite, Winky looked as if being dragged by an invisible person. She was being dragged by a person in an invisibility cloak! But, to continue...

What if that corpse we saw breach the surface of the lake was not any corpse, but the corpse of Regulus Black? Why would this single body react to the summoning charm, unless this same body was wearing the same Horcrux that Harry was tring to summon? Imagine, Harry fires the charm, the Horcrux reacts, but is also pulling the body wearing it. Harry, expecting only a small object, did not fire a spell strong enough to carry other objects with it. We can also say that Harry, shocked from the body exiting the water, was somehow able to release the Horcrux from his charm.

Is it possible? Who knows! But it would have been shear genius by JK Rowling if she did/does it this way. We now have multiple options for where the Horcrux is and this one is easily the least likely. So wouldn't that make it the most likely?

Tell your friends! Tell everybody! Let me know what you think [email authored below], as that is it for this latest Harry Potter theory.

For more info on the movie, go to the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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