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You Ready to PicktheParty!

Published June 6, 2006 in Internet
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Nostalgic Media.
Will Ferrell Caricature Will Ferrell's political orientation up for debate.
The new political community, PicktheParty, has gone online today and we have just received the site's press release.

Notice anything about this news?

PicktheParty Goes Live

Whether your side is left, right or in the middle, the new online community, PicktheParty.Com, allows users to voice their opinions on political topics that are both serious and fun. Today’s launch of the Internet community PickTheParty promises to help America’s silent majority find both its voice and its place in the choir.

Today’s launch of the Internet community PickTheParty ( promises to help America’s silent majority find both its voice and its place in the choir.

In his senior year at UCSB, Ryan Parsons saw himself as a pretty liberal fellow until nearly constant debate with his nine college roommates helped him see that he was standing on the wrong side of the fence. Parsons remembers, “I figured I was more liberal than anything. After debating for about a month I slowly found myself pushed out of the liberal realm and into the libertarian/conservative. Because of this, I wondered how many people do not know their own political affiliation.”

“In today’s times it is often hard to see a gray area,” he added.

After graduation, the now conservative Parsons and conservative friend Taylor McMurtrie spent many nights getting in heated and hilarious debates with liberal friends Tom StClair and Shawn Lewis. In 2004, the four resolved to turn their passion for politics into a community where all people can come together to discuss and debate.

Today’s launch of PickTheParty is the culmination of their vision. PickTheParty gives America’s silent majority a place to explore and/or defend their political position and welcomes all people who are interested in politics and debating political issues.

The community atmosphere takes the heat out of the debate and puts the fire back into the topics under discussion. Community members can create a profile which not only allows them to share videos, images and personal information, but also raise their own topics of discussion. PickTheParty offers a realm that is just as entertaining as it is intriguing. For instance, the site also has an area that allows users to predict selected famous persons’ political affiliations. So far, the discussions have been very interesting!

Parsons says, “Topics still pop up every day that not only deserve attention but discussion. In most cases people have to listen to what the OC Register or the LA Times have to say about each political point and leave it at that. It is now PickTheParty’s job to not only keep people informed with current political news, but also allow the common person a chance to speak out and express their opinions.”

About PickTheParty: PickTheParty, is an online resource from Nostalgic Media. Launched today by founders, Ryan Parsons, Shawn Lewis, Tom StClair, and Taylor McMurtrie their vision is to provide a free and entertaining resource for political debate and interaction.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of Nostalgic Media.

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