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Terrorists Planning Another 9-11?

Published August 10, 2006 in World News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Terrorism Enforcement Terrorism Enforcement
Though we mostly cover topics in film, every once in a while we receive word on a serious topic that needs serious discussion. One such topic is the recent events that have warned some type of terrorist plot in our near future.

We have recently received a press release from PicktheParty discussing the issue and the latest happenings.

Terrorist Plot Increases Threat Levels

Though it will now have been half a decade since the attacks of 9-11, terrorists overseas are working to make sure we never forget this date. With 9-11-2006 quickly approaching, the drums have again began to beat through all agencies of intelligence and, in short, most agree that something fishy is going on.

The first sign of awkward behavior came from the 11 foreign exchange students from Egypt. After failing to show up at Montana State, as agreed upon in their students visas, the University quickly alerted Homeland Security; thanks to a no-show policy that went into effect after the events of 9-11. Egypt is known for its Muslim population and, with an entire sect of students missing so suddenly, the FBI had to take action. As of this report, six of the eleven Egyptian students are now in custody and, according to the FBI, none have been considered part of any terrorist threat. The FBI is still looking for the other five however.

As a further warning, one that has raised the alert levels in both the United States and Britain, British authorities have recently stopped a terror plot to blow up passenger aircraft that would be flying from the UK to the United States; Los Angeles and New York to be more specific. Twenty-one were arrested in an “attempt to commit mass murder on an unimaginable scale.” Britain’s alert level is now at its highest – suggesting that a terrorist attack is likely imminent.

Fortunately for Britain and the US, the intelligence agencies overseas had been doing a covert counterterrorism operation for the past months that culminated in the arrest of all major suspects overnight in London. Authorities, however, feel that there were many other conspirators behind the latest plot.

The plot required terrorists to board their international flights with liquid explosives packed in their carry-ons. Once in flight the terrorist would have the option on when to take down the plane; be it over water or over major cities. Either way, this was not a simple terrorist campaign. Al-Qaeda is expected to be involved.

So what is going on? Are these small signs a signal of things to come? It is most likely that terrorist organizations are preparing to remind us of the date 9-11 all over again.

For the time being, airport security has been increased to a maximum level.

Debate this report at PicktheParty.

*the points and views stated in the release above are not necessarily the beliefs held by the staff at CanMag.Com.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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