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Do You Doogtoons?

Published August 17, 2006 in Internet
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Doogtoons.
Doogtoons Doogtoons
Those who follow the internet celebrities and hype closely might of heard of a little animated series under Doogtoons. Sporting impressive flash animations, Doogtoons was recently featured on the front page of Yahoo! for their interview with AskANinja.

Like myself, Doogtoons creator -- Doug Bresler -- is an University of California, Santa Barbara, alumn, which I dig. Hell, Doogtoons began to get its feet wet right about when CanMag appeared on the internet. Oh, the history.

What Is Doogtoons?

What do you call a guy who single-handedly produces, directs, animates and distributes his own short films both across the internet and on TV? In this digital age, you call him a production company…or Doogtoons, for short.

Doogtoons is the Santa Monica based production studio of filmmaker, artist, animator, actor, musician and overall overachiever, Doug Bresler.

Five years ago, Bresler was a Film Studies student at the University of California, Santa Barbara, with not much more than a few funny friends, a couple beers, and a borrowed digital tape recorder. Then one night, as an experiment, he put this combo together and animated the result; six months later, “Nick and Haig – Episode 1” was unleashed on the UCSB Digital Film Festival to an overwhelming response.

From this first episode came a number of subsequent shorter animated clips of interviews with the duo, all of which were met with great acclaim from the Digital Film community. However, because there was no real market for mass distribution it seemed like Doogtoons would remain yet another independent project struggling for recognition among the masses.

Then lightening struck in late 2005 when Apple released a version of iTunes capable of delivering Video Podcasts and, as a result, Doogtoons. Once released, Doogtoons became one of the first Comedy Video Podcasts available for subscription and within months Doogtoons kept rising in popularity. So much so that it came to be (and remained) one of the Top 100 most downloaded Podcasts in all of iTunes.

Before long, between the successes of the original “Nick and Haig” series, as well as a number of collaborations with other internet stars such as, Doogtoons began to get widespread acclaim for its innovative content and dead-on satire of everything from Californian politics to “the horrors” of running into a certain spokes-Leprechaun from a certain marshmallow-filled cereal.

In just the past six months, Doogtoons has won Best Animated Short at the 2006 Do It Yourself Film Festival, it has been acclaimed and featured on everything from Yahoo! Picks, Google Picks, the front page of, Channel Frederator, and it has even been picked up as part of the G4 TV Network’s Midnight Spank programming block.

Today, as a result, the Doogtoons website gets around eight million hits a month, and is growing faster than ever. Doogtoons continues to rise in the ranks of the world’s most visited websites while numerous internet news and entertainment publications have heralded Doug Bresler as one of the pioneers of the age of digital distribution.

Currently, the “Nick and Haig” series is being showcased on the G4 TV Network as part of their Late Night Peep Show block, airing Mondays @ 12:30am and the rest of the Doogtoons series are available both on iTunes and

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Doogtoons.

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