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Google Bombing a Miserable Failure

Published February 16, 2005 in INTERNET
By Ryan Parsons |
President Bush Google calls President Bush a 'miserable failure?'
When I get a hold of some free time [away from articles and other sites], I research better website promotion through written documents [SEO's] and forums. While doing a little added research today, I was presented with a search phrase that brings up a very unlikely match. A match that only proves one thing -- "google bombing" exists.

Google Bombing

Before I jump into 'google bombing' and what it is, you should open a new browser window and search the key phrase 'miserable failure' in either google or yahoo. Now, if you have any idea on how web pages and search engines work, there are two ways that a web page can move up on rankings for particular search phrases. The number one way is to have a search phrase written all over your web page. So, if I was to talk about President Bush, I would have 'president bush' written everywhere. Then, hopefully my page will show some relevance to the search engines [specifically MSN, Yahoo, and Google] under the search phrase 'president bush.' However, there is an even more deceitful way to go up in search rankings as well. [more below]

Let's say that I want to rank well for the search phrase 'sin city.' To do this, I would pay or have other sites place links on their sites back to my site. The link will say 'Sin City', but will point to CanMag.Com. Here is an example-- Sin City. Search engines see this anchor text and give that page [in this case CanMag.Com] a couple points for 'sin city.' In theory, I could rally up about 300 links or less and dominate the search phrase for the major search engines. When I say major search engines, I am not only talking about Google. The Inktomi search engine also plays part in this strategy.

Because of this, we have the concept called "google bombing." In most cases, this 'google bombing' is not a problem. Most sites that have the resources to place their links on a lot of other sites probably deserve to have a good position on the keyword they are linking for. But what about sites that get 'google bombed' unknowingly by other sites. For this to occur, a lot of sites would have to voluntarily place a link to one site [lets say] and have the anchor text say 'miserable failure.' If enough sites can accumulate to create a mass number of incoming links to a page under an identical key phrase [miserable failure], it is more than possible to convince google and inktomi [Yahoo!] that the linked-to page is probably all about 'miserable failure.' Hence, now George Bush's portfolio is top listed under miserable failure.

Google Bombing is CyberGraffiti

'Google bombing' is now being considered 'cybergraffiti' as it is a technique used to 'spray paint' [place] some web pages higher up in rankings than pages with more relevant content. There were a lot of people who were shocked to find President George Bush under 'miserable failure.' What can you do if you don't agree with this? Well, there really isn't much you can do but count on Google and other search engines to update their programs to look for this type of excessive linking [as of now, extremely hard to do]. Or, you and your buddies can get together and have your websites host links that point to President Bush's portfolio that say 'best american president.'

Let the battle begin.... By the way, CanMag.Com does not mind being 'google bombed' under any such key phrases. Can't complain about listing first on the search engines... ever.
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Ryan Parsons

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