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Katee Sackhoff on White Noise 2

Published January 2, 2008 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Katee Sackhoff Katee Sackhoff
Katee Sackhoff has enjoyed steady work on Battlestar Gallactica. Doing the film White Noise 2 in her hiatus was a reminder of how different movie production can be.

Katee Sackhoff Sees the Light

"I think on Battlestar, we run into the problem where the directors come in and it’s such a well-oiled machine at this point that they just don’t have their hands on everything at this point that they could have or should for that matter," said Sackhoff. "So I’m really not used to a director actually directing me. It’s been the most amazing experience in the world."

Film editor Patrick Lussier continues to forge a directing career for himself, and Sackhoff thinks he has the chops. "I think some of the best moments that I personally have had as the character have come as a direct result of Patrick saying, 'Do it this way’ or ‘Remember that she’s sweet,’ because I have developed habits as Starbuck. She speaks pretty monotone and that’s something I developed for her. It’s very easy to fall back into because it’s comfortable. And he reminds me a couple times, ‘Sweet, sweet, sweet.’ Things like that and it’s been the most amazing experience. So it helps. Thank God he’s been here."

Sackhoff's character is not directly involved in the supernatural occurrences of White Noise 2. That's all Nathan Fillion. "My character doesn’t know anything about that. She’s completely separate from that story line that he’s going through until the very end when he calls her and he says, 'I need help.' He just does a few things and is researching all this stuff he’s talking about. That’s when she starts to get clued in that something he is going through and what is happening, but she doesn’t really know the depths that he has sunk into."

In real life, Sackhoff is more likely to believe. "Yeah, of course I do. I think that’s what so scary about this film as opposed to something like a Halloween, and I bring that up only because I did one and I know how unrealistic the horror is to me. I think this is more of a psychological thriller. Those little things that you always ask, could there really be someone behind me, but you never know. I think that’s what is scary about White Noise is that it’s so terrifying. Everyone else has seen those little ants on the screen and you always wonder if you stared at it long enough if, because I’ve actually done this. If you stare at it, it can actually flip channels. Kind of like a radio station does. It will flip back and forth occasionally. You never know and I think that’s what’s so great about it. You never know."

White Noise 2 premieres to DVD this January.
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Fred Topel
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