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Fred's Best of 2007

Published January 2, 2008 in Movie News
By Fred Topel | Image property of Rogue Pictures.
Hot Fuzz Hot Fuzz
2007 has been the best year for movies I've ever lived through. It makes 1994 and 1997 look like 1998 and 2002. That's respectively of course. There's nothing that could make 1997 look like 1998. That just wouldn't make any sense. Anyway, I loved so many movies this year that I'm just going to list them all. Screw 10. If they're all this good, we should have bigger lists!

Fred's Select of 2007

16) Dan in Real Life – This is exactly the kind of movie I like. Funny in a not so obvious way, poignant in an observational way so it's never obnoxiously telling you how to feel.

15) Smokin' Aces – This was my number one movie of the year when I saw an early screening last December. Now it's practically off the list.

14) Lake of Fire – My experience with political discourse may be limited, but I have never seen a documentary so completely encapsulate any issue, let alone such a complex and touchy one. You may even feel good about abortion after this.

13) 30 Days of Night – Here's a rockin' horror movie that combines creative gore with survival horror and creatively plays with everything.

12.5) No Country for Old Men – I can't believe I forgot this. If it weren't for a talky third act, this would be the perfect purely visual action movie. Even so, it's still awesome.

11) Live Free or Die Hard – This is what action movies should be, just the pure joy of outrageous ideas.

10) The Simpsons – If this were the only existence of any Simpsons material, it might be the best thing ever. But in the context of 18 years of my favorite art in history, it's just everything I expected a Simpsons movie to be.

9) The Ten – I'm one of the only people who've heard of this movie, let alone like it. It's just the kind of bizarre yet not too obscure humor that I love.

8) Transformers – Ah, childhood. This is the pure joy of cinema, going to see a massive spectacle with a little bit of emotional magic mixed in.

7) The Diving Bell and the Butterfly – I never imagined a movie about a disability, in a foreign language no less, could be so engaging, uplifting and inspiring.

6) Across the Universe – For the director of a studio movie to take this many artistic risks, and make it all work, is awesome. Just a profound work of art.

5) Hairspray – Possibly the happiest movie I've ever seen.

4) Mr. Brooks – The most original surprise of the year. I saw the story of the world's greatest father. Others may have only seen the murder stuff.

3) Spider-Man 3 – I will defend Spider-Man 3 to no end. This is everything I wanted in a Spider-Man movie. I related to Peter's unintentional ego trip, his dorky dark deeds were priceless, and the told a real story using commercial elements forced upon them.

2) Grindhouse – I refuse to acknowledge Death Proof and Planet Terror as individual movies. There is only Grindhouse, the greatest cinematic experience ever conceived.

1) Hot Fuzz/Shoot 'Em Up – And finally, two movies that were truly made for me personally. Michael Davis will forever be my soul mate for producing the most creative action sequences ever, surpassing homage to the sources. The Hot Fuzz guys probably won't keep in touch, but their knowing take on action movies will warm my heart as long as it sits on my shelf.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Rogue Pictures.

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