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Matthew Fox Spills on LOST

Published January 4, 2008 in Television
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of ABC.
LOST Season Three Poster LOST
For those of you counting the days until the premiere of the fourth season of LOST, you may want to head on over to Entertainment Weekly for an extremely informative interview with Matthew Fox. Learn more about his character and, like always, get ready to have your theories tested.

Lost with Fox

After the Season 3 finale I predicted that the Jack we saw in the flashforward wasn't the same Jack we have gotten to know on the island. Why so? Well, for one, this Jack points out that his father is still alive. I immediately came to the conclusion that this was a Jack in an alternate universe -- crazy as it is, I know -- and an omen of what will happen to the Jack we know if our favorite castaways do successfully find rescue.

Fox blasts my theory out of the water by stating that Jack was just too drunk to know what he was saying. Yeah, likely story:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Fans have been analyzing this Jack line from the flash-forward: ''You get my father down here.... And if I'm drunker than he is, you can fire me.'' Given that his dad is dead, what was your take on that?
MATTHEW FOX: He was so loaded and emotionally distraught that he talks about his father as if he's still alive. I called Damon on it, and he gave me a couple stories — actual accounts of people whose very close relative [died], and in a moment of being really f---ed up, talked about them as if they did not know they were not alive. In that moment, Jack is losing track of any concept of time. I knew that there was a way to look at it and go, ''Well, that's kind of manipulative.'' But when you [realize], ''Oh, it's in the future,'' you can believe that the man — years after his father has actually passed away — says that about his father in that moment. I totally buy it.

See what other theories of mine he destroys here.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of ABC.

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