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Hellga on American Gladiators

Published January 7, 2008 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
American Gladiators: Hellga American Gladiators: Hellga
Hellga may be the most intimidating American Gladiator that the female contestants will face. A bodybuilder with bulk comparable to the men, Hellga would be a formidable opponent for male contestants too.

Power, Size and Beauty

"The ones that made it to the finals took a beating," said Hellga. "The guys, yeah, I think I'm bigger than most of the male contestants so I could take them."

In theory, the contestants are the ones audiences should be rooting for, but the Gladiators are the stars. "I think we're like the lions at the coliseum. You don't want to see them conquer and go. You want to see the toughness and fighting it out and the blood."

Audiences are already warming up to Hellga before the show even airs, not only the studio viewers to the first season, but people who have seen early photos of the new American Gladiators. "I think for kids it's going to be good to see all of us. We're all professional athletes from different backgrounds. We all have different body types. It's not just one body type that's going to be a successful athlete. There's some place for everyone."

It may seem like all the gladiators are simply big and buff, but Hellga says there are more subtleties involved. "Some of our girls are IFCB figure and fitness. They're ready to step on stage right now. I'm much softer, more voluptuous. You've got petite, tall, the guys are different, more muscular in type, bigger and stronger. Everything is a little different. I think as you see the show, you'll realize how different we are."

Despite their competitive natures, the Gladiators have all bonded like family. "I'm really amazed. A lot of times, different athletes can be really competitive with each other. Just different groups of people can have different dynamics but we all get along so well, it's just been effortless."

American Gladiators premiered Sunday.
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Fred Topel
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