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Mila Kunis Can Help Anybody Forget Sarah Marshall

Published January 8, 2008 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Universal Pictures.
Mila Kunis Mila Kunis
On TV, Mila Kunis has had to stick to the censors' rules about language. Viewers of That '70s Show and Family Guy would never know she has such a potty mouth. Finally, the Judd Apatow produced R-rated comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall gives Kunis a chance to unleash her real vocabulary.

Mila Kunis on Forgetting Sarah Marshall

"It’s semi-R rated," she said. "Apparently I curse a lot. I learned this in this production, so as R-rated as this is, you've do some clean. I didn’t know I had like a sailor’s mouth and I do. You do a clean take and a regular take. Yeah, my dad’s not going to be proud but I do. I don’t know why. A lady’s not supposed to curse. I stopped being a lady."

Just discussing how she got the part led Kunis to drop the F bomb. "Someone f*cked up somewhere is what happened. No, about nine months ago I got a call to do a table read for the script. It was one of those table reads where a bunch of actors get together and you just hear the script out loud to see if it’s going to be made and if it is, by who and that type of deal. It was for Judd [Apatow] and I met with Judd and Shauna [Robertson] previously and I’ve always wanted to work with them so this came along. Then four months after that, they called me and I came in. They said, 'The movie’s getting made and we really want you to be a part of it' and I was like, 'Hell yeah, score!' That’s about it. So I really don’t know why I’m here."

She plays an island girl who may be able to help the hero forget about his celebrity ex-girlfriend. Full of comedians, Kunis swears about the funny scene stealers too. "It was a scene that Jack McBrayer, who I think is one of the most brilliant comedians, he is so f*cking funny. Him and his wife play this young Mormon couple checking into the hotel and I’m checking them in. You are going to die. Without giving too much away, they’re Mormons, they’re waiting to have sex. She’s really horny and he’s confused and stuff, so she starts kind of hugging him sexually and he’s like, 'Honey, what’s gotten into you?' She goes, 'Well, not you.' Literally, for a good 12, 15 minutes, I could not stop laughing. That’s my favorite scene only because I was in hysterics. You know when you laugh, you cry. That’s where I was. I was in hysterical laughter. He is hysterical in this."

Perhaps McBrayer should hire Kunis for his PR team. "I’m like, 'You’ve got to promote Jack McBrayer.' He is brilliant in this movie. Just absolutely brilliant. Just so funny. He’s like the guest who checks in when Jason’s checking in and they keep running into each other and they’re both having relationship issues. Might be a little different issues but he’s so funny in this. It’s just so great."

Forgetting Sarah Marshall opens to theaters on May 30th, 2008.

For the trailer and more movie info, go to the Forgetting Sarah Marshall Movie Page.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Universal Pictures.

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