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John White on Beta House

Published January 9, 2008 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Beta House Beta House
John White continues the Stifler legacy in the American Pie straight to video spinoffs. As Erik Stifler, he ran The Naked Mile but decided to stick with his high school girlfriend. In Beta House, all bets are off.

Stifler's John White

"Remarkably, she took off, remember the character at the end of the last one, Trent, the really good looking dude?" White explained. "In the off months, she took off with him, decided he was a better deal. Package deal with him, good looks, good body, probably going someplace in life."

Fortunately, as he pledges the Beta House, Erik Stifler will find a new love. "New love played by Meghan Heffern. She's a student at the university and I meet her the first day in the coed shower room. She takes a shower, I'm taking the world's biggest pee. A few things collide."

Yes, in American Pie, there are coed showers. And this Stifler will still show some heart, as he did in The Naked Mile. "This one has to do I think more so with the Beta House as a whole, and of course with Meghan who plays the girlfriend. I think the heart comes, when everyone's gearing up together and going to war with the geek house. Everyone has to hold hands and just kick the sh*t out of them."

The crazy antics will provide the film's outrageous laughs. "There's a wife carry that's a standing 69 through an obstacle course. There's a sweet lap dance competition, Release the Venus, where whoever climaxes first loses. It's professional strippers just basically giving the world's greatest lap dances which is one of my favorites because I've never gotten one in my entire life."

American Pie Presents: Beta House is available exclusively on home video.

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Fred Topel
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