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Justice on American Gladiators

Published January 9, 2008 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
American Gladiators: Justice American Gladiators: Justice
The new American Gladiators are already stars. Even the studio audience seeing them for the first time, before any episodes have aired, got into the new gladiators. Perhaps it was nostalgia for the old regime.

Implimenting Justice

"That was pretty interesting because I expected the audience would embrace us as the bad guy, but the audience loved it," said Justice. "Most of the audience was cheering for the gladiators. They wanted to see mayhem and blood. That was kind of strange to me because the contestants came and they were short but they were quick and they were real people. We are as well but the audience embraced us. It was very, very interesting."

Gladiators like Justice play along, turning the intimidation on and off. "We all have an intimidation factor. You can be the contestant and I can be just sitting here smiling right now and cheering you on, hoping you do well. But I turn it up like this when it's time to get down. You know what I mean? Understand that?"

A giant mohawked muscleman, Justice has no problem taking down contestants. "I like the Gauntlet. My favorite event though is the Pyramid. The reason why is it's like the king of the hill. You're not throwing bricks down at them but you're throwing your body at them, so it's very interesting. And speed don't necessarily make it to the top."

Mass is not always an advantage though. "I think The Wall was very hard for me because I'm damn near 300 pounds and getting up that wall in a minute and 30 seconds when the fastest guy got up that wall like 18. And your question, my favorite event is the Assault as well but my least favorite thing about that is if someone hits your target, you get shot up to the roof in the rafters and you get dropped in this water. I did fear that and it hurt real bad but I'd do it again."

American Gladiators premiered Sunday.
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Fred Topel
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