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Ice Cube on First Sunday

Published January 9, 2008 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Screen Gems.
First Sunday is another Ice Cube comedy named after a day of the week. It is not part of the Friday franchise, but the weekend has been good to Cube so why change it?

Ice Cube Talks First Sunday

"I never realized that I'm kind of stuck in this weekend so a Saturday movie is somewhere in my future, I can feel it," said Cube. "It's just a perfect title. I got people asking me, 'Is that part of the Friday series?' What's good is we are doing a whole different movie, a different day of the week, a different tone and it's cool."

Cube and Tracy Morgan play criminals who hold a church hostage, trying to rob their collection money. "The whole story is a edgy balance. We tell people that we're robbing a church and people are kind of taken aback a little bit by that. When I add that we stupid enough to rob a church, people can see what's the funny in that. So I think we got a touchy subject but we have a subject that's real: the church's responsibility to the hood, the hood responsibility to the church. It's lightly taken on with the comedy of the comedians and the people that we got to move in on in some spots but it gets heavy. I would label it a dramedy. You know I don't know if Screen Gems wants to label it that way but I would."

First Sunday Poster First Sunday

First Sunday First Sunday

First Sunday First Sunday

First Sunday First Sunday

The motivation for the comic caper comes from a sad reality of many religious communities. "My character Darrell feels the church has basically sucked all this money from his grandmother. He sees this thing on the wall where she's given like 31 Gs to the church and he's broke, struggling, needed to borrow some money. She gave her last bit of money to the church. Okay, it's her money so that's fine but when the church doesn't offer the van ride service that they used to, now it's like, well, what are you getting out of giving all of this? Then he ends up in the church and finds out that the church is basically planning to move. So now you done sucked all the money from this neighborhood and now you're going to go and put it in a neighborhood where my grandmamma really can't get to. If she's having trouble getting to the church while it's here just think how much trouble she'll have getting to it when it's ten more miles away or whatever. So he feels that these are poverty pimps and he's going to set it straight and get some of that money back and also take care of his problems. It's twisted but in reality the grandmamma is more sacred than the church so that's what's going down."

Cube and the gang shot in actual churches. If you've ever been on a movie set, you know it's not quite a holy environment. "It's still a lot of profanity that's going on and probably shouldn't. People forget where they at then everybody starts to look around, so I think at first people were a little subdued. I know being in the church has definitely helped Tracy Morgan and Katt Williams and their dark side is starting to see the light. So being in the church has helped them but everybody else, it was like a little nervous at first but now it's really a location. I feel like we're on a stage to be honest."

First Sunday opens to theaters on January 11th.

For trailer links and more movie info, go to the First Sunday Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Screen Gems.

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