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Jeremy Sisto Tries Law & Order

Published January 10, 2008 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of NBC.
Jeremy Sisto Jeremy Sisto
Most of the Six Feet Under cast have gone on to lead other hit shows like Dexter and Dirty Sexy Money. Jeremy Sisto struggled a bit with Kidnapped, but joining the cast of Law & Order should provide some stability.

Jeremy Sisto on Law & Order

"My show last year wasn’t successful," said Sisto. "It was a great show but it didn’t get picked up on. As an actor, I don’t think as much about the difference between cable and network as it is the difference between the genres of shows. There are this genre on cable networks as well. There’s just a different point of entry for the actor. In this case, it’s just something that is very, very different than Six Feet Under. Six Feet Under was a situation where whenever my character would come around, the story would suddenly become about him because his character was the plot. His emotional life, his internal life created the world around him and affected everyone."

On Law & Order, Sisto's character will be driving the plot every week. "In this situation, this is a character who is paid to solve these crimes. It’s funny, my step-brother just became a police officer. He was telling me last night that he’s spent 33 years of his life avoiding conflict if he can, what you’re trained to do when you’re young. Now he’s gone through a process of having to do the exact opposite. When you’re in a room and you see this horribly annoying person who’s violent and angry and too drunk for anyone and most of us turn the other way and say, 'Let’s go to the other side of the room.' But it’s your job to have to go talk to that person. So it’s an adjustment as a person and I think it’s kind of been a similar adjustment for me, as an actor in having to really be so aggressive in prying into other character’s heads."

Law & Order has been on since Sisto started acting, so joining the cast is a bit surreal. "Sometimes I feel like I’m at Disneyland and, you know, they have those like cut outs you can put your face through. It's like I’m putting my face through into Law & Order. I watch back and I think it’s so funny that I’m on this show that literally spans the life of my career. It’s kind of like knowing somebody else’s career like a fellow actor has had a career the same time as you and years down the road you finally get to work together."

To make sure he's not just "the new guy," Sisto has been directly involved in the episode stories. "I guess it has to do with getting involved in the plot of each episode. For my part of the show, it’s the aspect of the show that the audience finds joy out of trying to stay ahead of the plot and trying to figure it out and being on the ride of the mystery of it. So it’s definitely a different kind of a muscle as an actor to use. In some other things I’ve done, there’s a real necessity to be clear and to be the eyes of the audience, to allow the audience to feel that they are on this ride with you."

Law & Order airs Wednesday nights at 10 on NBC.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of NBC.

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