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Second Host Gets Brand New Monsters

Published January 10, 2008 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
The Host The Host

With Chungeorahm's official release for The Host 2, Sci Fi Japan has begun to take a closer look at the film's new monsters and the political plot they will be involved in.

The Host 2 Monsters

The story is set in 2003 when the restoration was at an early stage. Principal characters, such as street vendors, demolition contractors, and policemen are involved with the disorder and conflict caused by the restoration— one of which is, or course, the monsters from underground. The script, written by well-known comic artist Kang Full (as previously reported in SciFi Japan’s THE HOST 2 Update), was submitted on December 20, 2007 after six months of writing. The press release confirmed that the sequel is actually a prequel, which will fill in the blanks of the prologue of the first film. The press release also confirmed that there will be multiple monsters appearing in the new film.

The report also includes some conceptual artwork including one featuring a forklift on the run from some strange-looking creature. Check it out.

The Host 2 will enter production this summer and hit theaters summer 2009.
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