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Nic Nac on Beta House

Published January 13, 2008 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Beta House Beta House
Nic Nac joins the ensemble of American Pie Presents: Beta House as a new character, Bobby Coolidge. Come on, every college movie needs at least one fat guy, right?

Nic Nac New to American Pie

"My character, Bobby is, for lack of a better word since I can't think of one, sexually adventurous," said Nic Nac. "There was a few different ways we were taking it and it panned out that he's just kind of like a freak in the sack so to speak. He's a goofball. He never says anything serious throughout the entire script. There was one serious scene but it got cut which I'm happy about because it's more like me. He's slightly picked on but still the cool guy. And a whole lot of fun, like fun to be around so the guys want to keep him around because he's such a goofy little sh*t."

Bobby will be joining the boys in the pledge class of Beta House. "He's a pledge. He's Erik Stifler's new roommate when he comes to college. When you see the film you'll understand the introduction of the character and why he sets the tone for being the goofy guy throughout the movie. He teams up with Erik and Cooze to pledge for Dwight Stifler's fraternity and the three of them go on this adventure of completing the pledge tasks, the Greek Olympics and what not."

The animal antics continue with Bobby's Greek Games tasks. "I also had to work with a pig. I was the animal guy so to speak. During the Greek Games, my game, all of us have a few games, Dwight Stifler has a few but mine was to chase and catch a greased up pig. The guy that I'm paired up with is like a Parkour expert so the joke is you see this Parkour expert going nuts and you see this fat kid huffing and puffing trying to chase this greased pig. I'm not going to tell you how it ends but it's pretty damn amusing."

Nic Nac was a rapper but he earned his handle before entering the arts. "My real name is Nick Nicotera, or Nicholas Nicotera. I went to military school for five years in San Diego and we had this new commandant which is like a principal. He stands up and he's giving me an award and he pronounces my name Nick Nachotera. So Nick Nicotera is pretty damn close to Nic Nac, right? Then everybody started breaking it down and calling me Nic Nac. I never heard the end of it. The entire school was there. I started rapping outside of high school before I was ever even considering acting, so I was like Nic Nac sounds like a damn good rap name."

American Pie Presents: Beta House is available exclusively on home video.

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