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Jake Weber on Medium

Published January 14, 2008 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Jake Weber Jake Weber
Medium is a show about a psychic solving mysteries with the help of her dreams of ghosts. It is also a show about the family that is affected by these powers. Jake Weber plays Joe Dubois, husband of the medium Allison. His struggles continue in the show's fourth season.

Weber Loves a Medium

"I think there are other marriages that are real [on television]," said Weber. "Certainly The Sopranos had a lot of the same kind of domestic elements kind of thrown into their real life and how they all interconnected. I think television has gotten a lot better in that regard but I think it is one of the stronger suits of the show, that it portrays a marriage that is full of all the problems and challenges that real marriages have to face."

Right when Allison's powers went public and she lost her job with the District Attorney's office, Joe lost his job as well. Now the Dubois struggle for cash. "I think that Glenn Caron has been a little bit inspired by the radical change in circumstances that these two people find themselves in. So I think he got off to a really strong start. From my perspective the stuff that is interesting is the familial relations. So the more conflict that exists in my relationship with Allison, the more there is to do and the more there is to grow the relationship, and to challenge the relationship. So that’s what I’m into."

Joe Dubois is an ideal husband to many viewers, and he continues to take these problems in stride. "He handles it with long sufferance as all men handle challenges in family life. He’s a pretty cool cucumber. He tends to ride the highs low and the lows high, which is admirable. He is definitely challenged in this year. His identity as a man is challenged, as a provider. His relationship with his wife is challenged radically because there are practical considerations that if you look at she is not being responsible about. There’s a real hard time for him."

Fans can expect to see Joe swallow his pride in some upcoming episodes. "He has to ask his parents for money. This is a man who has always been successful and provided for his family. So he has some cracks and those show up on screen, and they challenge the relationships."

Medium airs Monday nights on NBC.

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Fred Topel
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