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Steve Talley on Beta House

Published January 15, 2008 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Beta House Beta House
There are two Stiflers in American Pie Presents: Beta House. Both John White and Steve Talley return as the Stifler cousins. Where Erik Stifler (White) is the more shy and awkward one, Dwight Stifler (Talley) is the party animal who lives up to the family name.

Talley the Party Stifler

"It's weird because it's one of those things like you're kind of damned if you do, damned if you don't," said Talley. "Obviously all the 13-year-old kids on the message boards are going to be whining about why isn't Seann William Scott back? They don't seem to understand that it's about money. But it's a good opportunity because it's nice to come into a situation as an actor where you don't have to worry about oh, is anybody going to see this because clearly, the audience is already there. They're waiting for the next one to come out, so it's a nice thing to have in terms of that because you know what you're doing is going to be seen. A lot of stuff you do as an actor, independent stuff especially, you're like well, this might never see the light of day, who knows? There's a lot of pressure but at the same time, the pros make up for the cons because you know at least what you're doing is going to get seen. It's a studio movie so they treat you pretty well while you're on it."

Beta House will provide this Stifler with many Stifler-worthy antics. "Dwight of course is now the president of the fraternity and we've got a new class of pledges coming in, which includes his younger cousin from The Naked Mile and a couple of his cronies. So we've got some pledge initiation stuff happening. We've also got a rival fraternity on campus comprised of geeks, which is a slang term for bookish, academically inclined people as opposed to the party culture that the Beta House represents. They decide there's not enough room on campus for the both of them so they have to have what's called the Greek Games and whoever loses, has to take off, pack it in and get off campus. So it's more or less a big showdown for social dominance."

Those Greek Games have come a long way since Revenge of the Nerds. "There is a game called the Release of Venus that entails a line of eight or ten buxom young ladies in bras. Myself and Tyrone Savage, who plays Edgar, the head of the geek fraternity, have to go down the back of the line and unsnap all the bras. The first person to unsnap all the bras and reveal the boobies wins the game. There's also one that's called The Rise of Aphrodite that's basically competitive lap dancing. The first guy to ejaculate in his pants loses, so we've got that one. There's a few more but those are a couple of highlights."

American Pie Presents: Beta House is available exclusively on home video.

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Fred Topel
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