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Another Eyewitness Report of Cloverfield

Published January 15, 2008 in Early Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Cloverfield Poster Cloverfield
While the first review for Cloverfield was chalk full of details about the film, our mot recent update is all about first impressions.

Cloverfield Impressions

Ben Lyons has posted his first impressions of Cloverfield over at Eonline. While he claims to have loved the film, one can tell that he has been forced to keep his lips sealed on just about everything else.

As crazy as this sounds, the less info you have going in the better off you'll be.

When a film doesn't get screened much, it's usually a bad sign. But this is different. Once you see it, you'll understand all the secrecy. Trust me, you don't want to know too much going into it. The movie is kind of like Blair Witch Project meets I Am Legend. Both were huge box office and critical successes, and I think the same will happen with Cloverfield.

The film was made for only $25 million, but it looks like it cost 10 times that much. How they managed to make New York City look so real I will never understand. It's terrifying and incredibly creative. What also makes the movie special is the fresh group of newcomers who make up the youthful ensemble. They all have the potential to become big stars, should they play their cards right.

Sounds... Awesome.

Cloverfield opens to theaters on 1-18-08.

For the trailer, stills, posters and movie info, go to the Cloverfield Movie Page.
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Ryan Parsons
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