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Diane Keaton on Mad Money

Published January 16, 2008 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Overture Films.
Mad Money offers girl power for every generation. There's the young, hip girl power of Katie Holmes, the established girl power of Queen Latifah and the classic girl power of Diane Keaton. Keaton shared the power with her costars.

Keaton Talks Mad Money

"Believe me, I was scared and I'm a girl," she joked. "It was hot. We got to know each other in the makeup trailer. You're spending hours just looking at yourself in the mirror and you're looking kind of odd at four in the morning and you're thrust into an extremely intimate situation in a very small space and you're just like close. So how can you not get to know each other? I think that you kind of work the room."

That room could be different when all three were on screen and when it might just be a two shot. "It's like you're preparing for the scene and preparing for who you are with Katie and who I am with Dana [Queen Latifah] and how do we relate as a threesome together. So you sort of get the feel, I think, there, especially if you're not rehearsing which we didn't really have any time to rehearse. There was a little bit, but hardly any time. It was like one of those things like, 'Okay, come into Callie's [Khouri] rented place and there are some tape marks down.' and you rehearse for like a day. Then suddenly you're going to make a movie. Or you have the dinners that you're supposed to get to know people at. 'Okay, we have one dinner and two hours.'"

Mad Money Mad Money

Mad Money Mad Money

Not everyone gets to call Latifah by her given name, so Keaton must have done something right. "She and I are very close. We're like this. Her name is Dana. I know that for a fact. Am I right? I think that we had a real bonding because of our mothers as well. Both Katie and I, the most significant person in my life was always my mother. She was always the person who encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to do. When I was growing up, she made all the outfits. She would sew them up and I would design them. She was just absolutely everything to me and she was also the greatest audience ever which I think sort encouraged that overblown personality that I've developed over the years. She was everything to me, and then today I've been listening to Katie talk about her mother and what she meant to her. I think that when you have a mother that is so important in your life it skews how you feel about women. I've always loved women. I just love them. I feel for them. I've never had that sort of competitive thing with women about men where they'll betray each other, as they do sometimes, for a man. It's always been about the community of women for me because of how much I loved my mother."

Still, joining her girlfriends for the premiere screening of Mad Money didn't make it any easier to watch herself on screen. "I hate it. But I'll tell you one thing, I didn't stay. I went and sat down and then I left because I've seen the movie several times and I know what the movie is and I just can't bear the audience. What if they don't like it? I did Hair when I was a kid and I hate the experience of being onstage. It's too vulnerable. You're sitting there and you can feel if they like you or not. That's what I like about the movies. It's more abstract. You have this small group, a kind of family experience and you're only doing small parts of the story, of the puzzle. You get to do it over and over. The whole abstract part of it, the intimacy of it works for me, but being in front of live people and a lot of them, no. I could fall apart. I could start crying. I don't think that I can take it personally so I didn't stay."

Mad Money opens to theaters on January 18th.

For the trailer, poster and more movie info, go to the Mad Money Movie Page.

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Sources: Image property of Overture Films.

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