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Patricia Arquette on Medium

Published January 17, 2008 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Patricia Arquette Patricia Arquette
Medium's new season has begun with a major upheaval. With both psychic Allison Dubois and her husband Joe out of their respective work, family tensions are increasing. Star Patricia Arquette enjoys the opportunity to see things evolve.

Arquette on Medium

"I think it’s nice to change things up a little bit," said Arquette. "Like most families they don’t really have much of a nest egg, and suddenly they find themselves both out of work. And there’s a certain episode that we end up coming to where things kind of come to a head between us where he wants to make a decision that I disagree with. He kind of puts my back up against the wall and demands that I see it his way or at least acquiesce. I think as a man, he’s done a good job supporting his family. That’s very difficult to find yourself suddenly not being able to provide. So it definitely brings a lot of stress into the marriage."

The public revelation of Allison's powers got her fired from the DA, but there are others who find her services useful. Angelica Huston plays a PI who wants Allison to help her find grieving parents' dead children.

"She comes along at a time where I continue having these dreams. That doesn’t stop just because I no longer work for the District Attorney. However, whenever I try to call people or tell them about a dream, I’m such a persona non grata that I can’t really do anything with my information. She steps in and sort of gives me a way that I can take all this information, an outlet for it, a safe place to put it and help solve crimes. But she’s also sort of dark of a character. She’s a little bit mercenary."

Medium returns to its original Monday night time slot, airing nine new episodes during the writer's strike. "I feel good about it. Just from running into people on the street, fans of the show, they just seem to feel that that was a better timeslot for their schedules, for putting their kids to bed and for the beginning of their week, and after the weekend and so on. So I think it’ll be good, as long as people know when we’re on, as long as people get that information."

After episode nine, even the show's creators do not know where things are going, because the writers aren't working. You'd have to be a psychic to predict. "We have little inklings from the show creator of some places that it may end up going, but honestly with the strike who knows what’s going to happen exactly? Our writers write pretty close to shooting order, so you can never tell exactly what’s really going to show up in front of you."

Medium airs Monday nights on NBC.

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Fred Topel
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